i took a break from your regularly scheduled program to hang with my mama + experiment with baking bread today. it was glorious, let me explain why.

first of all, just look at Sam. honestly, he’s the best freaking dude ever. he loves his grandhuman so much. she equally loves (spoils) him, so it’s a win-win.

a while back I read a book called wheat belly. I actually plan to read it again this month to re-intruduce the idea of how modern day wheat effects us both physically + mentally. it’s scary, ya’ll, but here a couple of things that terrified me when I first did my research.

modern wheat, which was modified genetically to grow more, faster some years ago, wreaks havoc on our digestive systems + in our brains. (side note – dude that modified it actually won a nobel peace prize for helping to solve world hunger. little did we know the effects this “prize winning” modification was going to have on us in the future). it’s ability to raise our blood sugar higher than a FREAKING CANDY bar is something most people don’t know. and did you know that, in really simple terms, modern wheat triggers something in our brain to continue to eat it? you’ve heard the term carb addict, right? yeah. it’s the no-shit truth.

I’m not here to preach, ‘cause I am NOT an anti-bread activist. shit. it’s freaking HARD to rid my diet of modern-day wheat. but I DO think people deserve to know truth, as crazy as it can be to read + comprehend. if you’re (like me), not totally ready to go full on wheat-free, einkorn wheat is NON-modified, ancient grain – basically it’s far far better for you.

so all that to tell you – mama + I made some BOMB ASS einkorn bread today. it was a lengthy process, but FREAKING EASY. and OH MA GAAHHHHHHH is it delicious. I slathered mine in butter + honey, and I may have cried a little as the loaf dwindled.

check out wheat belly’s website or better yet, read the book + do your own look into the effects of wheat. you deserve to make your own informed decisions.

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