I am patient with others but struggle with being patient with myself.

I see the all the best qualities in my friends but often times only see my own downfalls.

I let fear + doubt creep in when something really exciting or good happens to me.

I am learning to love me but have for years felt too tall, too curvy, too big to be comfortable in my own skin.

I usually feel awkward in social situations even if I look confident AF.

my favorite thing in the world is to lift others up, even on days when I need the lifting.

we are ALL works in progress. just because someone has what you want, looks how you wished you looked, has what you wish you had, or does what you want to do, doesn’t mean they’ve got their shit figured out perfectly.

it means they’re trying, just like we are, to not let their imperfections keep them from living a life filled with awesome.

I really think that we should embrace the hot messes that we are + do all the awesome shit anyway.

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