plant juice is the new black.

what are essential oils?

in short: essential oils are the life blood of the plant, and when these plants are grown in the right conditions, harvested at the correct time, and distilled with the utmost care, they aid in keeping our bodies healthy, well, and happy –  which is exactly how they’re intended.

nerdy science explanation: extracted through a careful distillation process of the plant matter that’s been harvested at the perfect time (click here for even more science), oils are composed of teeny molecules. these molecules are so small that they can pass through our tissues and directly into our cells. whether you’re smelling them, touching them, or ingesting them, they will help to support our body’s natural healing systems and benefit you in limitless ways.

why and how should you use essential oils?

oils can be used in a number of ways for a variety of reasons.

aromatically aka smelling them, using either a diffuser or by simply smelling directly from the bottle, or a drop or two in your hands can help calm feelings of stress, anxiety, nervousness, over-thinking, or self-consciousness. used over time in conjunction with mindfulness + affirmations, the limbic system in our brains correlates the emotions with the smells before our thoughts can even connect the two. SCIENCE GEEKS ALL CHEER.

applying oils topically, or directly to your skin along with a carrier oil of choice (I love safflower because it doesn’t clog pores) can help with pain management, muscle or joint aches + fatigues, stiffness and more. the volatile oils sink directly through our skin and info our bloodstream quickly to assist in calming, grounding, boosting and supporting many of our body systems.

many oils (noted in the vitality line/label) are safe to use internally. used in cooking, or directly into a capsule, the oils can boost our health in multiple ways.

more than just oils.

young living sells all kinds of household + personal products that are plant based, free of toxins, parabens, petrochemicals + many other nasty, unnecessary things found in items in most of our homes.

below are just a few of the product lines we take pride in.

household cleaner. makeup. skin care. shampoo + conditioner. body wash + bar soap. foaming hand soap. supplements. diffusers. baby products. dental care + more.

be a part of something bigger.

the community + personal growth gained when being a part of our community is even better than words can explain. from learning how to safely + effectively use our products, to joining the THOUSANDS of like-minded people we have in our circle, you’re sure to be surrounded by smart, selfless, gifted + empowered people. you know what they say about that, you are the sum of the people you spend the most time with!