mindset is everything.

lack mindset vs abundance mindset.

what is a lack mindset?

  • always worrying.
  • stressing out.
  • a deep sense of lacking.
  • being fearful of change or growth.

what is an abundance mindset?

  • knowing you lack nothing.
  • a deep sense of gratitude.
  • a profound sense of excitement for what’s to come.
  • no fear of failure. failure is a necessary part of life.

take a second to think about your day-to-day life. do the checkmarks describing lack ring true for how you feel more often than not? do you often feel like you’re on high alert and always anxious about the future, or your to-do list, or other things (often outside of your control)?

you might be unknowingly suffering from a lack mindset, which can be so completely exhausting and can physically run you ragged. It can cause issues with your health and can reflect in your relationships with friends and even your own family. 

when we feel scarce, like something is missing, we ATTRACT more of that into our lives without even realizing it. when you think about something, it becomes your truth. if you think you’re lacking time to do all of the things you need/want to do, you are right – you won’t have the time. your thoughts are your reality.

this behavior is usually learned. you maybe grew up in a space that the same behavior was prevalent by those you spent the longest amount of time with and really looked up to. without anyone actually sitting you down and teaching you to feel this way – you picked it up subconsciously, and it became a habit that you’re likely completely unaware of.


if you are AWARE of your thoughts and actions that are based in lack, you can change them.

like a muscle, your brain takes time to grow, change and adapt to your new way of living. when you catch yourself thinking things that reek of lack, stop yourself before you even let the thoughts fully form. replace them with ideas that are positive in nature. over time, you’re training your brain to switch from lack mindset into abundance mindset.

If you catch yourself with thoughts like this: “I don’t have anytime today to eat healthy because I’m so busy. I’ll just grab something quick because it’s easier.”

instead, think: “I am choosing to take time out of my day to eat nutritious foods because my body and mind deserve it. I never regret eating healthy.”


If you catch yourself with thoughts like this: “I don’t have anytime today to reach out to my customers and see if their last order arrived on time. I’m so busy and I’ll do it when I find some free time.”

instead, think: “I’m lucky to have so much on my plate and to be able to do what I love. The stuff they ordered this month is really great and I will make sure my customers and friends are happy with everything. I’ll take 10 minutes to send a text to them tonight”

if you see friends and teammates ranking up in the business, and your thoughts are “ugh, why can’t that be me? I have been in this for a year now and haven’t gotten close yet” – you have to see the lack in that. someone else’s success cannot be used as comparison in your own life or business. you are completely different people, with different lives and situations. Instead, you thoughts should be: “I am so happy they met their goals. If they can do it, that mean’s it’s possible for me too. I’m going to be so excited to celebrate that rank soon.”

those friends and family taking fancy vacations got you feeling jealous? “ugh, why can’t that be me? I haven’t been on vacation in so long because I can’t afford it.” AGAIN – someone else’s success cannot be used as comparison in your own life. Instead, you thoughts should be: “I am so happy they take the time to explore as a family. I will be inspired by their travels to start saving for my dream vacation. if not now, when?”

there is enough success for EVERYONE.

there is enough happiness for EVERYONE.

there is enough money for EVERYONE.

there is enough abundance for EVERYONE.

if you can think it, it’s possible. read that again friends. IF YOU CAN THINK IT, IT’S POSSIBLE.

here are a few tips to get you on your way to switching those thoughts of lack into thoughts of abundance, which will start to effect your life in more ways than you can even be prepared for.

  1. each morning and night, write out/type out or say aloud, THREE things you’re grateful for. NOTHING IS TOO INSIGNIFICANT. if you’re grateful for it, it COUNTS.
  1. set out post-it notes or set reminders on your phone to say an affirmation of abundance. here are a few examples.

Here is a fantastic cheat sheet of affirmations you can read through. find some that speak to you and write them down! 


  1. wear + diffuse your favorite oil all day long, specifically when you’re setting your intentions for the day. My favorites are: Abundance. Live with Passion. Highest Potential. Envision. Gratitude. Higher Unity. Transformation. And the OOLA7 (have you used these yet?! each one is amazing. I am OBSESSED with Fun!) as well.
  1. the GREAT DAY protocol. this is a game changer, my friends. https://distillery9.com/great-day-protocol/

having the right attitude and mindset can literally change your life. if you think your mindset needs a wake up call,  you should feel so grateful to be able to have an opportunity to make that change. you’re about to embark on a life that you’ve literally always dreamed of.

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