if you’ve been following sam’s story, you know it’s a story of heartbreak + sadness but also a love, triumph + community.

when I saw this guy’s face on the rescue website, I knew instantly I needed him in my life. I can’t really describe WHY, it was just a feeling I had + if you know me AT ALL, you know I base my life on feelings the majority of the time. when I feel like something is right, I run full force into it. It’s why Lola was my main bitch for eleven years, it’s why Frank has warm solace in my home (I do love that little son of a bitch, I swear), and now it’s the reason for Sam.

I was aware that this guy had quite the obstacle to overcome, he lived for 10 years in a home that didn’t have the means to care for him how he needed – be it nutrition, medicine, or attention, things just didn’t go in his favor most of his life. Until his owners had the sense that he needed more. more care, more love, more money, WHATEVER IT WAS, they felt it, and they released him to a rescue. I will forever be grateful for that vulnerability they overcame. they had to admit, on one way or another that they didn’t have what it takes + now Sammy boy can be the sweet, playful, fiercely loving guy he is.

What I wasn’t aware of (and no one was to this extent) is the amount of care he would come to need once his other issues settled down.

Sam has something called “fistulas” impacting his health. long story short, he has holes that start on the roof of his mouth and gape into his nasal cavity, which can and will cause infection, breathing issues and trouble, pneumonia among other things. the cause of this deformity can vary, but let’s just say it could have, and SHOULD have been prevented. he needs surgery ASAP by board certified oral surgeons to correct it, so it doesn’t cause more harm in the future.

the cost of the surgery is upwards of $3000.

the rescue has gone above + beyond with helping Sam get to a place of comfort + health, and the fosters + other golden rays of sunshine in his and my life have helped tremendously, MORE than I can even put into words, but now we need more. three thousand dollars is a lot of money, but I know that with the passion we have for not only animals, but KINDNESS + LOVE, we can reach it. I won’t stop fighting for Sam, even if it makes me uncomfortable, sad, scared, vulnerable or nervous.

I need your help. I have TWO ideas up my sleeve, and I would love to know what you’d be willing to help with.

FIRST IDEA: I want to hold an online auction. I have SO many talented friends out there that have not only kindness, but creativity up the yin yang. I am looking for anyone that is willing to donate something, goods OR services, to this auction, where other people can bid on said goods + services, up to any amount they can give, to go towards Sam’s medical bills.

some ideas of goods or services are:

  • photo sessions (my sisters + I are photographers and we will be donating a session to this auction for Sam!)
  • hair cuts or colors
  • a custom piece of art or a drawing you’ve done
  • a meeting or training using your talents (maybe you’re a health coach, or something of the like)
  • gift cards or credits

of course monetary donations are welcome, too, but the goal is to make it fun + exciting for everyone involved!

SECOND IDEA: I am going to create CUSTOM PUZZLES with photos of my zoo. The cost will be anywhere from $30-50 each, and the puzzle will be mailed to you once they’re created + made.

SO. here’s where to go next:

I’ve created an online form to fill out, should you have something you’d like to donate to the auction or if you’d like to purchase a puzzle to help raise money for Sam’s surgery.

I’m in the process of creating a FB event for the auction, which I plan to hold from Friday, February 22nd until Tuesday, February 26th. ONLINE, so you don’t even have to leave your house! Click GOING to this event to be kept in the loop!

my friends, there are ZERO obligations. but I know how amazing our community is, and I’ve seen first hand how we’ve come together for hard things in the past. this is a hard one for me, because I want to give Sam the best life he can have, for the rest of the life he’s got left in him (which is a long time, based on his personality and his care since rescue)

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for reading this. for helping in any way you can, and for sharing with the animals lovers in your life.

Sam, Frank, India, Lola (RIP), and I, as well as EVERYONE involved in Sam’s rescue in 2018, are so thankful and SO GRATEFUL for your help + support.

LINK TO FORM FOR DONATIONS: https://goo.gl/forms/7WQnlSiOTfVvlo8b2




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