alright. do me a favor will you? I want you to think about someone you’re in love with. if you’re not currently smitten, think about a time in which you were…or think about someone you love dearly, a best friend or family member.

think about how attractive or beautiful you think they are. love interest or not – you likely find beauty in them, right? think about how you love them no matter what. even on their worst day, you don’t judge them for how they look or the thoughts they share with you. you know that feeling of passion you get when you want them to do well…how you believe in them and everything they can accomplish even when they doubt it themselves? think of how happy you are when you’re in their presence. how just being around them lights you up, and ignites you.

now imagine this…

imagine if you loved yourself that very same way. just picture seeing yourself through the same eyes as you see them. imagine believing in yourself like you believe in them.

how would your life be different?

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