when you live in sub-arctic temps such as minnesota…or michigan, you need to think outside the box when it comes to getting your vitamin d. sunshine in the midwest is glorious when it shows up, but it’s all a farce. walk out side + your nose will fall off in five minutes. wish I was kidding. I mean, we CANCELLED LIFE for almost two whole weeks. schools shut down, grocery stores ran out of the basics, and if you dared leave the house, the roads were reminiscent of the bird box aftermath minus the leaves + birds.

so we dipped.

palm springs, cali is where we chose to spend our time.

the story of how we thought of this location is a healthy mix of awesome + a little hipsterish. we saw a photo of the colorful, bright + happy af motel, the saguaro palm springs + said (verbatim): “can you imagine how pretty the photos would be?”

so here we are.

a slight delay put us back a little but we spent the morning getting a rental car (wanted a convertible, got a ford f150. based on how hilarious that sight is, you can imagine how the rest of the day went). we had an amazing yet simple lunch of sandwiches + chips, a meander through the downtown drag where we browsed shops + boutiques, spent a week’s worth of calories on a ridiculous yet amazing oreo shake, taste tested tequila at the hotel bar el jefe (shout out to the awesome (and hot) bartender who made me a really random, special drink called sangrita. not sangria, read it again. google that shit friends, it’ll change your opinion of tequila for life), took a million photos, drooled over some of the amazing history + architecture and laughed so hard our cheeks physically started to hurt.

friends, if an opportunity arises in which you can ditch town for a few days to laugh so hard you cry, please take it. or better idea…just make that opportunity happen. life is too fucking short to keeping “waiting for the right time” to do the things that you love, the things that fill your soul (and body) up with sunshine + leave you a little better having experienced them.

may your sangrita be delicious + your cheeks hurt real soon.



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