let’s take a quick flash back to six years ago this summer. I was hearing from a ton of friends of mine how essential oils we’re all the all the rage. they made their kids go the fuck to sleep, they calmed their asses down on particularly shitty days, and they smelled like sunshine in a bottle (which makes sense since they’re 100% plant juice, right?).

I kinda scoffed + wrote them off for a while, ’cause I had no kids (hallelujah for sleeping through the night uninterrupted), I (sorta) liked my job, and I had febreeze + candles to fill my lungs with the scent of freshly washed linen + strawberry daiquiris (aka toxins).

but I was curious none the less. one friend of mine that goes by the name of Jenny-G was sharing how they helped her with her seasonal sniffles, and that perked my ears right up. I too suffered from the hands of Mother Nature making me allergic to the air when the ground thaws + the plants have sex. I needed these oils, and STAT.

I bought a starter kit, never took another damn pill from a bottle with warnings about drowsiness again, LOST FIFTY FUCKING POUNDS, and never looked back.

almost a full six yeas have passed + now I teach others how the oils can help them, too. literally, it’s my full time job. I know, it seems too good to be true, but IT AIN’T MY FRIENDS. It’s both FUCKING AWESOME + TOTALLY THE TRUTH. (click this link to learn more about what a platinum like me makes helping others take their health into their own hands).

so let me be the first to tell you about how that very starter kit that changed the course of my life has just gotten the BIGGEST, MOST BADASS upgrade EVER.

TWELVE OILS. (now including Peace & Calming + Valor. I know, right?!)

A PRETTY DIFFUSER. (you can choose your fave of FOUR)

THIEVES CLEANER FO’ YO’ HOUSE. (this shit is legit)



best thing about getting yourself a kit like this one? you + I get to be BFFs on FB, so I can add you to my group called studio essential. it’s a community of wanna-be healthy folk that sometimes forget to be healthy but try again anyway. we’re real humans just trying to know all the things that can make us more awesome.

so if you’ve been waiting for a sign, THIS IS FREAKING IT.

questions? no problem. hit me up. say hello. I promise I won’t try to convince you to sign your life away, and I won’t make you give me your first born (you can trust me on that). I just wanna be the one to help you help yourself, it’s as simple as that.

WARNING: clicking this link will change your life for the better. trust me.





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