this post is drool worthy.

meet Sammie boy.

this 90 pound mass of equal parts love + drool sent me a sign from the skies above (hey Lola) last week when I stumbled on his profile while looking to donate to the minnesota boxer rescue. his derpy face + lovable eyes had such soul in them, like he actually tried to catch my attention with a glance. I knew the feeling ‘cause Lola always caught my glare just the same.

he has a story that makes you want to hug his shetland pony-like body and never let go. he was being given away by his owners, likely due to his old age, health concerns, and lack of resources to care for him any longer. malnourished and underweight, flea ridden, having visited the vet just once in his 10 years of life, infected + in (for lack of a better term) fucking shitty condition, he was turned over to the rescue to care for him + get him healthy for once and for all.

I came across his face and immediately knew we needed each other. I have more time on my hands than I usually know what to do with (see previous posts of naked cat dressed in clothing nicer than mine), and he in dire need of true love + companionship, we were a match made in doggy heaven (hi again, Lola. I hear ya girl, loud + clear).

I applied + within a day got a friend request on Facebook from his foster mama, Jodi. let me chat for a second about her – ‘cause I firmly believe she’s a big reason this boy is in my home right now. Jodi is a few things besides a boxer + dog lover, she’s also a saint with a heart the size of my king size bed Sam’s snoozing on right now. she took this boy in, fattened him up (which is no easy feat, dude is a picky eater), loved on him in the best ways possible + made sure he had only the best care while he recovered from his past life. she read my application, stalked my blog + facebook, realized that I’m sort of an animal lover (jk I’m a full blown animal lunatic that holds PARTIES FOR MY CAT + DOG’S BIRTHDAYS), and she knew I needed to have him. the best part? she + her hubby wanted to adopt Samson, but she felt a tug on her heart when she learned about me. maybe what Sam needed was a human like me, and what I needed was a giant lap dog like Sam?

so she broke some rules, invited me over to her house to meet the dude, told me all about him + his quirks (he likes steak + boiled chicken with cheese, and that mother effer deserves every ounce of it, too), she even put in a good word for me to the adoption coordinator, and helped me along the path of adoption, making it so easy + fun. I joked with her this week that we can have split custody of Sam, but the funniest part is that I wasn’t joking at all. she’s one of those people that you instantly know is the best kind of person, and I’m so thankful for her love + support of not only this sweet old fart, but Samson too. 😜

so here I am, the human of an old dude named Samson. an old guy with a hard past, but the most incredible future. I hope I get to be his for a long while, but no matter the length of time, I’ll be sure to make every second count so he knows how amazing humans really can be.

ps. If you have an extra dollar to spare now or anytime in the future, consider giving it to an animal shelter in your neck of the woods – rescues are amazing + they do the work of saints to be sure animals are treated with the utmost adoration they all deserve. I’m a huge fan of the MN Boxer Rescue + all of their amazing volunteers. you can view their website or Facebook by clicking here:

WEBSITE: where you can see all the adorable boxer faces!

FACEBOOK: stay up to date with all the available and past rescues!


  1. Andi you are a saint and such an inspiration. I love your big heart and kind soul. Samson is so lucky to have you as his forever companion. I’m sure Frank has welcomed him with open paws. Thanks for being so real in your social media and blog posts. So many people these days paint such a different picture online than real life. Still working on getting my blog up and running so I too can share in life’s candid reality … good, bad + worst … so others too see they are not alone struggling through one day at a time. Happy New Year!

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