there truly aren’t words that carry as much emotion as my heart feels at this very moment.

my lola bean. flo jo. lola girl. beanski. lola bola. my best friend in the entire world.

tonight lola james left this life for another.

my sweet friend told me this week, as I felt my time with lola drawing near its end, that each + every being is connected in one way or another. every soul is dynamic and has a task…if you come to this earth + live the life of a shitty person, you come back to relearn until you get it right. dogs are the ones who lived their last human lives serving people, the ones who finally got it right. because of that incredible feat, they are blessed to come back here with nothing but pure unconditional love. here to guide us humans, to teach us love…so that we eventually get it right. a true fucking spirit animal.

lola was my spirit animal, in every sense of the word.

my heart feels so physically heavy. my face hurts from all the tears. my body is tired + my soul has a dimness that will take a bit to polish back up. she molded me into who I am today. she taught me what it’s like to be loved so fiercely it takes your breath away. she brought joy to any living being that she locked eyes with. she calmed my crazy + fueled my fire. she wasn’t of this world, she was extraordinary in every sense of the word.

to her friends here in the flesh + the people that never met her but loved her something fierce. thank you. your adoration of her will forever make my heart fill with bubbles like a freshly popped bottle of champagne. she couldn’t speak but could feel that love. there’s not a doubt in my mind she felt it.

to my family. I knew I was lucky but I didn’t know how lucky until tonight when you all paused your lives to shower our girl with your love, kisses + tears. she + I are so incredibly honored to be in your club of amazing. I can’t begin to thank you enough. truly. thank you.

to my lola girl. I can’t imagine a life without you but somehow I know you will never not be with me. thank you for letting me love you as long as you did. what a ride we had.



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