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as silly as this sounds, I was recently inspired by a song I listened to. Kevin, by Macklemore + Leon Bridges (GOOD LORD I LOVE HIM). without reciting all of the lyrics, which I considered, I’m going to briefly tell you what I took from the song:

this day in age, it’s so common to look for a bandaid to cover issues in life. be it sleep, focus, sadness, HAPPINESS, weight issues, confidence issues, introvert or extravertedness, you name it, odds are you’ve a) considered talking to a doctor about being prescribed something for it, b) talked to a doctor about being prescribed something for it or c) been prescribed something to ‘fix’ you.

“doctor please. give me a dose of the America dream. put down the pen and look in my eyes. we’re in the waiting room, and something ain’t right. all this is on you, we’re overprescribed. “

I am not saying this to judge. in fact, I am saying this because I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I grew up seeing the commercials for prescription meds, and actually asking myself: “hmmmm, I wonder if I need that? I think I do!” Just this year, going through a really rough patch in life, I actually considered being drugged because I thought I needed it to be “normal”. to feel better. did I? well, I needed something, because I just wasn’t myself. I needed help.

that is where the meat of today’s blog comes in.

those of you who know me, know that I’ve spent the last four years learning about, teaching myself about and helping other understand not only holistic health – but most importantly, the power of SELF education. knowing WHAT you are doing for your mind, your body, your life – and WHY you are doing it. it’s been a game changer for my life, and that’s actually a gross understatement. there is no doubt that this crazy life path I’ve embraced has changed my life.

I want to go over a handful of things I’ve learned, embraced and chosen – and I’ll even tell you HOW, why, and just WHAT I’ve done. how it’s helped (or not helped, that’s a thing too) and hopefully it will inspired just one person to dig deeper into their own health. after all, our health is an INVESTMENT, it’s NOT an expense. I believe that as strongly as I believe the sky is blue.

  • what you eat

food is fuel for our bodies. end of story. what you put into your body is vital to not only your physical health, but your mental health too. food is absolutely meant to fuel our mind, our bodies, our heart and our organs. without proper nutrition, we can’t function like we should. think of it like a car – if you dumped water and oil into your gas tank, your car wouldn’t get very far, would it? how are our bodies any different (with the exception of being an absolute freaking awesome miracle)? fill your belly with fried chicken, sugar, and unprocessable things that are NOT meant for daily human consumption, and well your body is going to react. you will be tired. sluggish. you might get sick. you might even develop diseases. scary, huh?

test this theory out. eat like shit for a week and listen to how your body reacts. eat clean for a week, and notice how your body functions on a higher level. it’s science people.

now, as far as nutrition goes – I’m absolutely not an expert, NOR am I an angel. I indulge, probably more than I should, but I KNOW when I’m making a mistake. I almost always regret it. my body hates me, my head hates me and I almost always lack motivation the next day, because my body and my mind are paying the price. I’ve been trying hard to learn a lot about nutrition, what fuels our bodies best – healthy carbs, good fats, etc. The MAIN thing I’ve learned is that my body does best when I’m eating clean, natural foods. Less processing, the better. As raw as I can go is what I try to stick to most of the time. All the gimmicky stuff out there that’s LOW fat/LOW carb/LOW EVERYTHING EVER is usually shit. I steer clear of as much of that as I can.

  • how you move your body

DUDE. this one is the hardest for me, because, well, I’m as lazy as they come. I’d rather eat lettuce all day than break a sweat. BUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. I also like to eat – like, a LOT. so when I workout, I am able to eat a little more and that always makes me happy.

know what else moving your body does for you? it releases endorphins.


-any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides that activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect.

basically, it gives you energy, makes you feel good and happy, and boosts confidence. CRAZY.

personal story time. my girlfriend of 7+ years basically threatened our friendship if I didn’t sign up for a 10 week fitness challenge at this gym she had been going to and LOVING. I really didn’t want to, I hate working out, I hate HAVING to do something (haha, I have a lot of issues), but I knew I NEEDED to do something for myself, and to support her health-binge, I said yes.

this week is week 10. I’ve worked out 6 days a week for NINE WEEKS, missing only 7 days or so. ummmmmmmm. let me repeat myself. I’ve worked out 50 of the last 63 days. that is mind blowing and I wouldn’t believe it if it WASN’T ME WE WERE TALKING ABOUT. I’ve lost around 14 lbs, hopefully lost a ton of inches (we measure next week) I’ve for sure gained muscle and tone and the best part? OMG I LOVE WORKING OUT. I cannot believe I just wrote that for everyone to read. I feel guilty when I miss a workout, and I always do something (albeit not usually as sweat-inducing) on days we don’t go to the gym.

SO? work out. join a gym. find a buddy. talk a long walk EVERY SINGLE DAY. whatever you choose to do, do it for yourself.

the gym I joined is called Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping, and it’s amazing.

  • what you tell yourself

this sounds easier than it is, and actually most people think I’m nuts when I talk about the law of attraction, but it’s real, and you can’t fully understand that until you LIVE it. until you TRUST it for yourself.

start by reading these two books: THE SECRET + YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE

both go over the power of our minds. the power of our thoughts. the power of what we tell ourselves daily. from positivity, to gratitude, to LIVING THROUGH grief and sorrow, but choosing to move forward from it. it’s a freaking GAME CHANGER and if I had ONE wish in life, it would be that everyone would read these books, learn + study the law of attraction, and FULLY EMBRACE IT. our world would be different. it really would.

my second wish would be that I could own all the ugly animals. but that’s a blog post for another time…..

the law of attraction is basically this: what you believe, you get. what you tell yourself, is true. what vibes you put out into the world (positive, negative, victim mentality or gratefulness) will come back to you ten-fold. I believe it with every single ounce of my body mass (which is a lot), and I have lived it. I AM living it.

the secret with the LOA is that you have to FEEL it. you have to OWN it. you can’t fake it. are you hurting for money? imagine you find the money you need. FEEL the gratitude of receiving that money. KNOW the money will find it’s way to you – it’s not IF, it’s when. REALLY FEEL IT. be thankful for it, before it’s even in your hands. the same goes for ANYTHING, not just money – it’s the same for happiness, love, abundance, health, you name it.

again – what you tell yourself is TRUE. so stop making excuses for everything. stop being the victim. life is hard, you’re not the only one struggling. we ALL are, in some way. don’t waste another FREAKING NANOSECOND being a negative nelly, or wishing things were different. MAKE them different.

  • who you spend your time with

y’all this is so important. you are who you spend the most time with. think about it. is your husband/wife/lover/BFF/coworker an asshole? is he/she negative and self-loathing and unmotivated and soul-sucking? sometimes the truth is REALLY freaking hard to admit, but those people are not worthy of your time. do what you need to do to HELP them see the light, or spend less time with them. It’s as simple as that. you’re only hurting yourself if you feed off them.

  • what you put on your body

alright, this one is HUGE. do you guys know what your biggest organ is? it’s your skin. YOUR SKIN. which seems weird, cause its literally on the OUTSIDE of your body. I mean, it IS the outside of your body. if you’ve ever taken a second to think about all that you put on your skin, do you really actually KNOW what it is that you’re slathering all over yourself? is it safe? I mean, we ASSUME anything we can buy is safe, right?! why would anyone sell something that has the potential to harm us? well, get real. remember that whole self-education thing I talked about earlier? now is the time that you really freaking take this seriously.

download the THINK DIRTY app, and start scanning your stuff. lotions, powders, makeup, products, etc. tell me you don’t want to curl up in a ball and cry for 5 days straight. it’s scary stuff.

treat yourself with respect. do your best to replace your household items with things that ARE actually safe, and better yet – effective. I mean, you have obviously heard of Young Living, right? you’re reading my blog after all. Look into the company – CLICK RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW – read all this in it’s entirety. It changed my life and it can change yours.

OBVIOUSLY, no one can be perfect, but why not START to make better choices for yourself and your family? why not do what you can, right now, before it’s too late.


ALRIGHT – here is a list of my fave YL products and WHY I love them/what they do for me:

  • Joy essential oil blend. literally gets me out of a negative funk. I use this stuff all the damn time, especially when I was going through the hardest of my rough patch this year. I can’t actually vocalize how much this stuff means to me.
  • lemon/lavender/peppermint/grapefruit vitality EO blend – I take these internally almost daily to combat seasonal sniffles, to help reduce my weight (successfully) and the bonus is more energy, healthier skin, hair and nails, and a positive attitude.
  • Mindwise Liquid Supplement. TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU YOU NEED TO KEEP BOTTLES OF THIS STASHED IN YOUR HOME. it is legit. mind-boosting, mind-clearing, actually helps with focus and concentration. it’s so good.
  • Valor EO blend. I literally order one per month because it’s THAT important to me. it sounds crazy but I can literally feel my blood pressure go down when I use/sniff this stuff. It’s always on me, because it’s my ride-or-die oil. I wouldn’t be surprised if my blood tested positive for insane amounts of Valor. LOL!
  • Thieves Cleaner. I use this stuff all over my house, and even on laundry. It’s the best cleaner I’ve ever used, EVER. It WORKS, it smells ridiculous, and it’s non-toxic.
  • ALL the skin care stuff YL sells. My skin has never in 32 years been as nice as it is right now. I am so thankful I’ve found this stuff. Orange Blossom Face Wash is my JAM, and I always add Patchouli and Frankincense to my skin.
  • Lavender Lip Balm. If you know me, you know I have a slight panic attack if I don’t have it on me. HAHHA.


alright, that’s all I’ve got for you today. I truly hope you learned something, or found some inspiration to start your own healthy journey – through your mind, your body, your stomach and even your skin! it’s a process that needs to be full circle. don’t give up, EVER, because the time will pass anyway! Keep going, keep learning and keep believing you can and WILL succeed!

if I can help answer any questions or anything, you know you can hit me up. ALWAYS happy to help!

as always, thanks for reading my rambles.




  1. Curious as to where you apply Joy. Also how many drops do you ingest of lemon+lavender+Peppermint+grapefruit? Do you ever add Frank? How and when do you take Mindwise?


    1. Joy: I wear it like perfume – a drop usually does the trick – I apply to my wrist, then rub over my heart/chest, and then the back of my neck! I often mix it with a drop of stress away, that smells INCREDIBLE!

      I fill a dropper bottle with the oils and frank and there’s another combo too! Check out this blog for more details!

      I take Mindwise each morning – the recommended doses, right along with my Ningxia, and the oils I take internally daily! ❤


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