a baby story.

My friends Mike + Tricia are just the sweetest pair. You know those people that are genuinely wonderful, truly kind, positive + loving humans? Yeah, that is this duo to a T.

I met Mike years ago through a friend + when he began dating Tricia, we knew the game was about to change. She brought something extra to his life, she made him so happy. Tricia is sweet, genuine + so caring. She’s a giver – she goes above + beyond to be helpful to the people in her life. Her heart of gold really shined when Mike went through a scary  diagnosis in 2014 – almost losing his life. Tricia was by his side through it all + their bond got stronger than ever.

Getting pregnant with their sweet baby boy was just as exciting as you can imagine + when Tricia reached out to me asking about birth photography, you can imagine how lucky I felt! What an honor to be asked to document a once in a lifetime occasion.

Tricia + Mike chose to allow no one else in the room during labor + delivery. They wanted to be together to bring their baby boy into the world…a long 48 hour labor, with about 3 hours of intense pushing. She is nothing short of a super hero. Her strength + courage was fascinating to witness…but not only that – Mike was an incredible supporter. He was present, helpful + focused. They make up a pretty amazing power couple, and I know they are going to be fantastic parents to this sweet little boy.

Seeing a baby come into this world is something I can’t fully describe with words. It’s a complete miracle to witness + the emotion in the room is overpowering.

It’s my pleasure to show you some of the images I was able to capture…

…welcome to the world, Makai Michael.



…..and here he is! All 7 pounds, 11 ounces of him! 21 3/4 inches long. 10 fingers. 10 toes. The cutest little nose you ever did see. He came into the world at 7:16pm on Sunday, September 24th, 2017.


This photo below is so special. You can see that emotion I talked about earlier….the love a mother has for her baby is something so powerful.


Well done, Tricia + Mike!

A special thanks to the labor + delivery team at The Mother Baby Center – United Hospital in St. Paul. They we’re so kind to allow me access to the room during the delivery – it was a joy to see such talented people take great care of this family!


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