do you love yourself?

alright, the time has come that I shared my info on oils/weighloss/happiness/energy/mental clarity with you guys. I want you to see just how EASY (and totally painless) it is to do + to incorporate into your life!


this actually ain’t my first rodeo…three years ago I lost 50 lbs using these SAME OILS + doing THE SAME THING (eating right, NOT DIETING – just not making terrible food decisions). why am I doing it again, you ask? well, life. life happened. career changes, relationships, engagements, weddings, breakups, you name it, it’s happened to me over the last three years, so weight gain is how I dealt with the crap that is life. I stress eat…or I should say, I stress ATE. I am chaining my habits now, for GOOD, ya’ll. this is no joke.

OK, let me get to the nitty gritty details + stop boring you with my ramblings (what’s new?).



mix the following together.

  • one 4oz glass dropper bottle
  • one 15ml bottle of Lemon
  • one 15ml bottle of Peppermint
  • one 15ml bottle of Grapefruit
  • one 15ml bottle of Lavender
  • 15ml of carrier oil (I use safflower, no reason other than I just like it. you can use any carrier oil you want)

it will look like this:



  • one 2oz glass dropper bottle
  • one 15ml bottle of EndoFlex
  • three 5ml bottles of Black Pepper
  • 15ml of carrier oil (see above for more info on my preferences about this)

it will look like this:



make one capsule of EACH mixture, once per day. fill a 00 size capsule + throw it down the hatch! I take mine in the morning, while I make my coffee. it takes literally 25 seconds to make + take. it’s NOT rocket science, it’s SO easy + so fast!

I don’t pre-make my capsules. if you spill ANY oil on the outside, it will burst + that will just waste oils + you KNOW I’m not about wasting oils!

I don’t freeze my oils/capsules. I don’t want to mess with them like that.

I take it right away in the am. mainly because otherwise I will get busy + forget. you can take yours whenever you choose, this is just my preference!

no need to take with food, but you WILL likely burp up the oils a little. no worries, it’s quite delicious. LOL. it’s not like burping up last night’s Mexican dish. jk… shouldn’t be eating that crap, you’re trying to be healthier, remember?!

drink lots of water. LOTS. TONS. as much water as you can. it’s so good for you.


now HERE IS THE KICKER. I’m going to talk about other things you need to incorporate into your life, too. if you take these oils + do these other things, you WILL SEE RESULTS. if you aren’t eating right, if you’re drinking a ton of alcohol (or beer), or if you’re just sitting at home every night of the week without moving your body, YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF. k? got that? don’t be a bum. do this for yourself.


notice I didn’t say diet. that D word is not in my vocabulary. in fact, I am eating some delicious talenti gelato as I type this. that certainly isn’t on ANY diet plan that’s ever existed. but it’s in mine – BECAUSE I AM NOT ON A DIET. see what I did there?

my diet plan is trying to eat high in protein (mainly consisting of lean meats), low in processed carbs (think junk – fries, chips, bread, etc). I would rather have TWO HOT DOGS with no buns than one dog/one bun. that’s just me. why you ask? well, protein keeps you feeling FULL, LONGER. carbs do the opposite – they fill you up fast but leave you feeling hungry sooner.

I really try hard to steer clear of the “FAT FREE” “LOW FAT” “LOW CALORIE” processed crap. what are they doing? replacing fat/calories with CHEMICALS. gross. no thanks. I’d rather eat whole, natural things – fat or not. gimme the real food, please.

watch your sugar content. I mean, really. candy/chocolate/ice cream – its delish but it literally does NOTHING FOR YOU. food is meant to fuel our bodies + all sugar (in large amounts) does is make us slower, sluggish, tired + feel like dog poo.

water, specifically sparkling water is my JAM. no soda, and COME ON, no diet soda either. that shit is garbage. I mean, I have a glass/bottle/can here or there but VERY MINIMAL. please don’t let that crap be your staple. I KNOW you already know how bad it is for you, so stop kidding yourself.

fill the EFF up on veggies + fruits!

MEAL PLAN. if you prepare ahead of time, you won’t run into the “I don’t have anything to eat, I better run through McDonalds!”. NO NO NO.


now this sounds so elementary, but really. do it. get up once an hour + walk around. if you’re anything like me, a really lazy yet highly ambitious workaholic, you find yourself buried in your work for HOURS. before you realize it, you have to pee so bad it physically hurts + your vision needs some time to get un-used to staring at a freaking computer screen (ugh, terrible, I know).

freaking do something with your body. talk a walk. run in place for 5 mins. climb your stairs 5x, I literally don’t care WHAT it is, just do it. get your blood flowing.


while I TOTALLY KNOW this is easier said than done, you need to just take my word for it. start your day out (RIGHT AS YOU WAKE UP – before you grab your phone or get up to pee, or anything), sit + think about all that you’re grateful for. your comfy bed, your snugly dog, the sun shining through the curtains, your warm home, your diffuser that got you to sleep in the first place….haha….you catch my drift here? you can do this silently, in your head if you want – but DO IT. when you start your days off on a positive, happy, thankful note, it’s really hard to turn those vibes around.


OK – so now you’re asking WHAT might happen if you do all these things, right? let me explain – this is what’s happened to ME since starting this “I love myself” regimen. I know it can be the same for you, too!

  • I’m down 20 lbs in 7 weeks. that’s calculated to be roughly 2.8 lbs a WEEK, which is really successful weight loss.
  • I have FAR less of an appetite. The oils help with this + the healthier eating also helps – my cravings are gone since cutting bad carbs! YAY!
  • ENERGY. dude. I spring out of bed now. I LOVE BEING AWAKE. I love Mondays (OH EM GEE). The energy is insane. 10000000% know this is coming from the oils first + foremost, and I’m sure my body runs better when I’m feeding it REAL FUEL. not junk food + sugar!
  • my freaking mind is clearer than ever before. I find it hard to put this into WORDS on a blog, but I can think clearer, I can SPEAK more clearly + I just have more insight into things – as weird as that sounds. I can feel my brain soaking up all the good things, where as prior to these changes, I was a slug.
  • I feel HAPPY. legit, HAPPY. I think ALL these changes combined = happy me. and I freaking LOVE IT.
  • your skin, hair, nails will thank you by looking fabulous. it’s not rocket science, out bodies are meant to SHOW our health, right? this will happen when you are healthy, all around.

OK party people. that is all I’ve got for now. you should drop a comment on this blog if you have more tips/ideas, or if you have any questions, too. I am REALLY FREAKING EXCITED for you to try these things, too, even if just a few, or heck, JUST ONE. get it done. make it happen. do it for YOU!





  1. Yes! It is a TOTAL package. You have to take care of your mind, body, and soul! Nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking are all key! Great job, friend! Keep us posted!


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