life always has the craziest ways of surprising me. in the best ways possible, even sometimes masked in heartbreak or fear. all the little signs lately have been nothing short of remarkable, and incredibly beautiful.

sometime in the last few years, I met a beautiful soul. well, I’ve met an almost indescribable amount of beautiful souls, but today we’re going to talk about one in particular, because she’s the conduit of something magical. her name is Tamlyn, and she and I met through through mutual friends. they say that when you give out your best vibes, do things that make your soul happy, and care nothing about what others think of you, you attract the right tribe, and I couldn’t agree more. my life is panning out to be living proof of this mantra I’ve been introduced to, over and over again.

T and her family have had quite the adventurous life, and that adventure has led them all across the US, to a beautiful space near Carmel, California. her and her husband are living out their dream of designing a modern + natural hobby farm on ten acres of land that’s tucked right into the middle of the Pastures of Heaven. if you’re a Steinbeck fan, you might have just gotten chills.

following a work-retreat at Tamlyn’s beautiful home in Florida, I had a gut feeling that she was more than just a common acquaintance. after chatting her ear off over Instagram DMs about the vibes her home gave off, I started catching her stories + photos in my IG feed more and more. her home + land isn’t just a dream for her, it’s a dream for anyone that has a deep need for comfort, nature, animals, plants, miraculous sunsets, a more simple approach at life, and a desire to feel comfort at where your life is physically, and also spiritually.

when she posted that she was looking for some help on the farm this summer, her words immediately had me picturing a beautiful adventure. my gut told me that this was something my mother should consider, due to her love of the area in California, and her dreams of one day getting to shake the hands of her idol, Clint Eastwood. on top of those things, my mother is a nature lover. she’s always taught me lessons that can’t be fully transferred through words. how to trust your gut, never denying the power of your instincts, and a lot about energy. so I sent it to my mom, told her to take a second to consider the idea, and I then asked T what this offer entails – I was curious to entertain the idea for myself, too. animals, farmland, mountains, plants + nature, cool ass people, digging your hands in dirt, and more so, learning things that you can’t be taught through textbooks or TedTalks? ummmm. no brainer.

that’s when the stars aligned, and made something that seems like a pure dream happen.

this week, my mother + I depart on a 4 day road trip, complete with my entire zoo (see, I told you Tamlyn and her family are my kinda people), to the Pastures of Heaven. we will be their family’s right-hand-women. with a list of things to accomplish, we will be busy all summer long helping with all things farm related. from feeding + caring for her chickens, bees, cats and highland cows, to planting, harvesting, weeding, training + growing a variety of vegetation, as well as more as the need arises, this summer is going to be an adventure of a lifetime.

I’ll continue working to educate + inspire my people to live their best lives, I’m just going to be taking full advantage of my ability to do that from anywhere the universe sends me. this little chapter is sure to enrich my life to be able to give even MORE to my business + people. I always knew my life was going to be a grand adventure, now my surroundings are starting to reflect it more so than ever before.

you can (and should) follow the adventures on my personal Instagram, as well as Tamlyn’s IG, but be sure you subscribe to my blog (you can choose to get them emailed to you, or just download the WordPress app to be notified once I post, it’s totally free of charge). look for more thoughts, lessons, trials + manifestations as the time passes, because I know I’m going to be on a rampage of sharing more than I ever have before.

with all my love to everyone that has fully supported me in living my best life, despite it being so far from what I have grown up viewing as “normal”…thank you. you guys light my soul up.



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  1. Oh Andi!!!!!!!!! I am completely blown away and intrigued by this amazing adventure your headed for!!
    I cannot wait to follow along and I wish I was packed and in the backseat with you girls!!
    Giddy Up my amazing friend!!!!! I’ll be right there in my dreams!
    Xox beth


  2. This going to be a life changing adventure and how awesome to share with your Mom ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Safe travels ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  3. Your sis filled me in a bit about this grand adventure. So exciting and LOVE that your mama is able to go to. I hope you both are able to meet Clint at some point. Blog lots so I can keep up!


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