when I first learned of the great day protocol, I’m not gonna lie, my eyes kinda rolled back into my head. giving yourself compliments + switching negative words out or more positive ones? yeah, right. I didn’t have time for that, I was too busy worrying about everything under the moon. (talk about a sign I NEEDED this stuff!). also, I just never grew up or spent much time around people that understood the science behind mindset = success + happiness. I’m embarrassed to say I was even a bit judgy about it, honestly because I was just so clueless. it’s funny how we judge when aren’t comfortable.

if you’re in the same boat – clueless on what growth vs. fixed mindset is, I want to help you understand it easily + painlessly.

first, a fixed mindset means that you’ve convinced yourself that your intelligence is the only thing that’s going to bring you success in life. maybe you’ve been taught or told something of the like, so subconsciously your brain connects intelligence with success. if you’ve ever had thoughts like ”i’m just not good at that” or “some people are born talented, and I’m just not one of those people”, your mindset is slightly stuck.

here’s the great news: you can retrain your brain. literally.

it starts with being conscious. what I mean by that is listening to the way you speak to yourself + about others. when you use negativity, and you notice it, you have the power to stop yourself in your tracks and switch your way of thinking.

instead of “i’m just no good at XYZ”, literally stop and change your pattern. replace those words with something like: “I haven’t yet had the opportunity to learn how to do XYZ”.

the GDP has helped me do exactly this by allowing me to consciously tell myself what I need to hear every morning. I always start my day with a cup of coffee + taking three minutes to think about how I want or need my day to go, speak those words out loud + apply the oils at the same time, which helped train my limbic brain to connect my intentions with my actions.

do yourself a favor and Google the limbic brain and its ability to connect scent with emotions. it’s powerful, science-backed info that is unarguable.

if you learn anything from this post today, I hope you know that you’re not ever stuck anywhere. you (and your brain) hold the power you’ve been searching for.

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