I am normally always up for an adventure. I am the kind of girl that is TOTALLY okay, and usually ecstatic when plans get cancelled or re-routed. I think of it as an adventure. I generally always assume things happen for some reason of some sort, so I’m rarely upset.

so let’s chat about how today, Valentine’s Day 2019, was so fucking hard.

today was the last day of our girls trip. we were set to hop on the 7:45am ferry back to Long Beach, take a quick Uber to the Orange County airport to catch a flight home later, landing safely later this evening.

we woke up just before 6am, with bags to back + hair to wash. we both showered, packed up, cleaned up + called the taxi right when they opened, 7am, for a ride down to the boat. the taxi informed us that the ferry this morning was cancelled due to rough weather. in fact, there was a WEATHER ADVISORY, advising strongly against any sort of water or air travel off the island. we sort of freaked, realizing that we’re surely going to miss our flights because the next ferry, leaving at 11:45am, wasn’t even set to take off. luckily we were able to stay in our rental condo, since the new guests checking in today had also been delayed getting to the island.

about 9am I started getting a headache. it felt different – not a sick headache, and not a hangover headache either. it felt weird. I told Nic I wanted to lay down – just let me know any updates if you get them. I slept a little on the couch then had to go in the bedroom because the sound, light and smell of everything was making me nauseous.

I woke up at 11 to nic telling me the ferry was set to take off! yay. we would still miss our flights but we would at least get on the mainland, able to figure out how and where to fly home from.

the taxi down the mountain was insane. roads were flooding, big rocks and plants had fallen and slid down the hillside, right into the roads that were primarily driven on by golf carts. the roads near the beach were covered in rocks, dirt, water, palm tree debris + more. it was a sad sight. the people of Avalon have their work cut out for them from this storm.

the wait for the ferry was rough. rainy, windy, and cold – we stood in the outdoor line for them to open the door to the rocky boat we we’re about to sit on for 75 minutes. I started feeling pretty gross, and felt the need to yak, so I ran to the bathroom. nothing. got back in line since I was nervous I was going to leave Nic alone with four bags, two plants and more to somehow get through the line. got back just before we started moving when it hit me. uh oh.

I proceeded to barf not once, but four times while in the line with other human beings.

have you ever been so sick that you couldn’t make it to a garbage can to puke in? it’s not fun guys. I felt so vulnerable + disgusting. people were no doubt grossed the fuck out, but at the time, I gave no shits. whatever was in me needed to get the hell out, and it did just that.

with a queasy stomach, and a face that matched, I boarded the ferry. the ride was choppy, which normally doesn’t bother me at all – but with a migraine from hell, and more puke left to exit my meat suit, I proceeded to yak three more times. projectile vomit into the large garbage can we so conveniently sat right next to.

once the ferry was over, I told Nicole I don’t really have any other choice but to book a hotel, for however long, because my body needed rest. I needed to lay my head down + sleep, or try to sleep off whatever nastiness was possessing my body. I booked some quaint little hotel room mainly because it was close, but also because it was cheap. we checked in and they informed us it’s a shared bathroom hotel room. basically, it’s an old house or apartment building chopped up into hotel rooms. the less expensive rooms had shared access to a few bathrooms – you could enter and lock them so you weren’t technically sharing the rooms at the same time, but regardless I was scared. Nicole thought I was crazy.

turns out it wasn’t even that bad. the hotel was pretty fucking cute, and it was certainly unique, which I like. it’s called the Hotel Royal if you want to check it out! the staff was so sweet, and I would honesty stay there again if I ever come back to the area.

I slept for about 3ish hours, when I woke up expecting to feel amazing, I was shocked to feel even worse. Nic, the angel, walked a few blocks down the street in the dark to buy some migraine meds since nothing else was working, and when she returned, I popped a couple and then I slept for another 1.5 hours, hoping and praying I was going to feel some relief.

ya’ll. I woke up a NEW FUCKING WOMAN.

I was able to eat a half a banana, drink water, and ACTUALLY SMILE + JOKE.

migraine are no joke. they are debilitating. I’ve never had one like this before, so those of you that suffer from these more often than a few times in 33 years, I’m so fucking sorry.

we were both able to get out on non-stop flights back home tonight. I am sitting at my gate now. a red-eye to minneapolis, arriving at 5:30am. I hope to sleep but usually sleeping on planes makes me absolutely insane. either way, I’ll gladly take this red-eye to get home to my zoo + my bed.

the WORST part of today wasn’t the puking in front of strangers. it wasn’t the pain + nausea I felt. it wasn’t the missed flight, or cost of having to buy a new plane ride home – it was this:

I am normally a glass-half-full kinda gal. I have rose-tinted glasses on all the damn time, and even with a day like today, I would be able to see the positive side in all of it. but today was different. I wasn’t barely able to smile, let alone talk, or think good thoughts. I was left to close my eyes + just sit through it all. it’s hard for me because I wanted to be able to take advantage of the craziness that is life – the weirdness of how the day proceeded, and how Nic + I literally always having travel woes.

but alas – I’m feeling better. ready to get home. thankful for safety + technology + friendships like Nicole + I have. today might have sucked but one thing is for sure: I will never ever forget it.



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