love me some plants, my friends. when nic + I decided we NEEDED a girls trip to Cali, this place was one of the reasons. not even kidding.

we both took home cacti souvenirs, too. my favorite adventure souvenirs are things that can decorate my home. sometimes it’s plants, sometimes it’s photos, but almost always it’s something totally out of the ordinary. I have even shopped for tokens to take home at thrift or antique stores! local souvenir shops just aren’t my thing.

here are some pics of the Moorten Botanical Garden (they don’t have a damn facebook or IG page, or I’d link you there!).

IMG_3946IMG_3937 2IMG_3936IMG_3945IMG_3944IMG_3935IMG_3943IMG_3942IMG_3941IMG_3940IMG_3939IMG_3938

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