palm springs, california. what a fucking sight to see.

from the low buildings all around, to the tallest palm trees ever, from the sun shining in bright blue sky, to the perfect use of color literally ALL over the city, I AM IN LOVE.

nic + I had a car but once we found out our hotel (the saguaro. stay there. it’s ridiculously gorgeous) provided bikes for free, the rental was out of the picture. it literally felt like I was in the 1950s, strolling the streets, not a care in the world.

thanks entirely to my family (sister owns turquoise vintage, a vintage shop in minneapolis, and my parents have always had a knack for stylish things), I am utterly obsessed with the mid-century era. from the linear perfection, to the funky shapes + colors, I honestly die a little inside when I see the perfection that is this era.

okay, okay, I’ll shut up now.

HERE ARE THE PHOTOS. gimme all these damn houses.



she was sick of me reaching across her to take photos of my dream homes. HAHAHA! SUCKA. now your face is plastered on my blog!

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