I have been wanting to write this blog for a million days + I just keep putting it off, so finally I am making myself sit down + just do it.

It’s no secret that I’ve been ADDICTED to self-help, positive, encouraging, motivation boosting books lately. If you’re my friend IRL, you probably cannot hang out with me without me mentioning SOMETHING I read in this book, or that book. And I am TOTALLY an annoying book pusher. I threaten my friends and family to read the stuff I’ve read and loved…not to be a pest, but literally because I know their life will change with reading it too. I just want everyone to be enlightened. I want everyone to open their mind to another way of thinking that can do wonders for your relationships, your job, your hobbies, and everything else while you’re at it.

SO. Like the overbearing book pusher I am, I’m throwing my thoughts down on the interwebz to share with LITERALLY ALL THE PEOPLE.

You cannot go wrong if you pick up ANY one of these books. But if you can find it in you to read them all, you won’t be sorry. I will never tire of holding an actual book in my hands, flipping the page and smelling the ink + paper, but I’m also such a giant fan of Audible, too. It’s an audio book subscription by Amazon. I LOVE being able to listen while I’m doing my hair or makeup, driving, or cleaning around the house. I listen at 1.25x speed because it just seems easier to understand, and it’s a bit faster to finish, too! Below you’re going to read my brief little snippets of each book + see a picture of it, too. I’m a visual person so I have to include photos. You can click those images if you want to find the physical or audio book on Amazon. I’m making it easy for you to read it immediately. DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO HUNT YOU DOWN! You’re welcome.

In absolutely no particular order, here we go.

GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE. Rachel Hollis.

I’m totally convinced that if Rachel met me in person, she would love me. I mean, I tell myself that anyway, probably just cause I have this weird girl crush on her. She’s totally badass, says it how it is, kinda gets in your face about how YOU are the only one that really and truly cares about your dreams. No one on Earth is going to care more than you are, so why are you sitting there waiting for some sort of approval to do ANYTHING in life? Get your ass up, set some goals, take steps EACH DAY to get closer to that big goal, and CRUSH IT. Whether you have an hour a day to give to yourself, or you’ve got all day to make it happen in your life, you have literally no excuses. She’s powerfully inspiring + super funny, too. She’s coming to Minneapolis in June, and you know I’m gonna be there to fangirl over her. You should join me. Start by reading her book, and I can promise you’ll be googling flights to Minneapolis in June of 2019. (PS make time to visit Minnehaha Falls).

YOU ARE A BADASS. Jen Sincero.

The title kinda says it all. How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. I mean, who doesn’t want to be better at that? *raises both hands*. This book had me in TEARS. From laughing, but also because I felt as if Jen was actually writing this book for me. Somehow, without even knowing I exist here on Earth, she is in my head. She knows the doubts I have about myself. She knows the fears I have, and she made me feel like an absolute badass for not realizing my greatness. She swears a little, but don’t let that scare you away. Her words are powerful + her take on life is something I will be FOREVER grateful for.


So, much like the book above, this one will have you tearing up from laughter but also from being slapped in the face. Talking about money is totally taboo in our society and to be totally honest, it’s freaking ridiculous. Money is a vessel for each one of us as humans to reach potentials in life we ALL want. WE ALL DESIRE. We all want time freedom. We all would LOVE to have a little extra money to not have to WANT anymore, but to be able to HAVE. Whatever your reason for wanting money, it’s NOT WRONG. This book will slap you silly with how you’ve been taught to think, speak about, handle and spend money and it will change your life for the better before you’re even finished reading it. If you listen to any of my written words on this blog, please pick up this book and make it a priority to finish it ASAP.


This book was written before I was born if you can believe it, so I had some qualms going into it. How can a book written before I was born still be relevant today? Well shit was I so incredibly wrong. Louise Hay is a FREAKING MASTER of the mind and she passed from this Earth just in the last year here. Sad, because I really would have LOVED to have met her, somehow, someway. She’s a powerhouse of emotional intelligence. While this book actually made me uncomfortable a little (spoken mantras, lots of {what I originally} thought was weirdo talk but have come to be obsessed with), it’s so worth the read. She correlates physical ailment with emotional blocks and HOLY FLIPPING PANCAKE was she dead on. It was spooky. This is a must have in your personal library.


This came as a recommendation from my spirit animal + badass friend Ashleigh, so I knew immediately I had to take a deeper look. I listened to it in RECORD time, because Aubrey reads his own audio books. His voice is enchanting + he’s witty + totally true to life. He sheds light on so many things, from modern science in diet and health, to sex, to cold showers (totally unrelated to sex, hahaha), to essential oils and other voodoo. He’s a smart cookie no doubt, and his thoughtful way of living is really something to look up to. Definitely plan to relisten to this one, at least 24 times.

THE SECRET. Rhonda Byrne. Also a movie, but books are always better.

THREE WORDS: Law of Attraction. I’m a giant freaking fan of LOA, and you better believe it’s another one of those things I unwelcomely preach any chance I get (be scared to be with my after a couple glasses of wine. I. DON’T. SHUT. UP. hahaha). It’s pretty much become my religion and way of life over the last few years, and it’s no doubt changed the course of my future. Gratefulness, speaking things into existence, positivity, thankfulness, acceptance, mindfulness. It used to PAIN me to think people that believed in this stuff we’re constantly high on something more powerful than Lavender essential oil, but now I KNOW. Now I GET IT. And I am forever grateful I was open enough to give it a good listen.

OOLA FOR WOMEN. The OOLA dudes (love them + all they write + speak).

This book is a NO BRAINER. It’s formulated for women, but they’ve got others just as awesome if you’re a dude. This book is compiled of different categories of life that we need to find balance in, from friends, to our faith, to relationships with lovers, and lots more. Each category has a story or two from real life women that have LIVED, learned and survived to talk about it. It’s incredibly powerful, absolutely inspiring and it’s a great book to read but ALSO to share with the lovely women in your life. Seriously!

THAT IS ALL, folks. If you’re reading this, I’m so happy you took time out of your day to listen to my obsessive rambles. Thank you. I hope you get one or all of these books for yourself because I know they will be just as powerful for you as they are for me. I love learning and growing, and it’s my absolute passion (and pleasure) to share my faves with you guys!



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