do yourself a favor.

taking a break from my regularly scheduled program to share a little life lesson that’s recently been taught to me through a series of truly fortunate events.

starting today, you need to start trusting your gut instinct. If you get a feeling about things, uncomfortable or exciting, run with it. know that these feelings are innate in our nature as humans + it’s pretty rare that they are wrong. treat everyone you meet with kindness + respect, you never know what battles they are facing in this game of life right now. little battles, big huge battles, or something in between – they are all worthy of your respect. don’t be a liar. please, if you listen to anything I ramble about in this big run on sentence, let it be this one. have integrity + always be truthful. not only will you get farther in life, but you will also feel SO much better having been honest. you won’t ever have to question if you’re the cause of the troubles (or incredible moments) that follow you – you will know with certainty. always DO you. you are your longest commitment, so please make yourself a priority. surround yourself with people you admire. people that you want to be like, live like, LEARN FROM. these people will shape your life for the better. give compliments out like it’s your job. do you love how that person’s smile lights up the room? TELL HER! Maybe you witnessed someone hold the door for someone in need. tell them how thoughtful that was. nothing is too small or too silly to acknowledge in this way. don’t think twice about it, just do it. THINK happy thoughts all freaking day long. lord knows that’s almost impossible, but it IS impossible to be sad if you’re thinking happy thoughts, so change your patterns. fight through it because it’s so worth it in the end. you are your OWN worst enemy – the thoughts you think + the things you tell yourself are ALL TRUE. so start being nicer to you. lastly, know just how fortunate you are. sure, maybe life isn’t panning out how you thought it was supposed to because of lifetime movies + cinderella, but I can promise you that it’s not going the way you had planned for a really fucking great reason. know that truth and feel it in your bones. be thankful for each + every thing you DO have in life + focus on those things, all the while telling yourself what you want to happen in your future. remember, those thoughts you think are all true. so do yourself a favor + make them totally worthwhile.

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