may your self love be stronger than your self doubt.

if I could go back ten years, I would tell myself that the biggest mistake I could make is placing my self-worth in the hands of another human.

tie your happiness to goals, not people. fill yourself up first, then let that spill over into others. don’t sell yourself short. don’t listen to the world trying to convince you that you need someone, or something to make you happy. you have everything you need right inside you.

• seek what makes you click

• learn what inspires you

• find what drives you

• teach yourself what motivates you

• listen to what really bums you out

• look for what pisses you off

• embrace what brings you joy

the longest relationship you will EVER have is the one with yourself. invest in it. have fun with it. take care of it. if you find faults in it, which you will, take the chance to correct it. learn how to be open to change. teach yourself that growth will hurt, it will be almost unbearable at times, but the end result will be worth it, one thousand times over.

the outside world is going to throw constant shade at you. it’s going to try to convince you that you’re behind schedule, or that your life doesn’t look like other lives, and therefore it’s not a success. please don’t fall for that bullshit. absolutely nothing is wrong with you, where your life is at in this current moment, or where it’s headed.

may your self love be stronger than your self doubt.

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