as of today, my sweet Lola is 11, and as of tomorrow, Frank has managed to stay alive for an entire year! so…..WE CELEBRATE!

tonight a ton of my dear friends + family came over to party like animals. pizza was devoured, beer was chugged, cake was eaten (even by the birthday duo!) and laughs were had.

I admit it’s really freaking weird to throw a PARTY for PETS, but I am really freaking weird, so any excuse I have to get my friends over to my house to hang out, I’ll take.

thank you to everyone that celebrated with us! love you all so much!

*a few photos to take special interest in:

  1. Lola smashed a peanut butter cake. I’ve literally never seen her that happy.
  2. Frank had a legit one year old cake smash. He did amazing, and almost ate the entire piece of birthday cake! Like his tutu? thanks Lindsay 🙂
  3. The kitty litter cake is entire edible…and really delicious.
  4. The adoption center was a hit with the kids! They all got to take an animal home with them!
  5. The party favor was puppy chow (thanks Erin!) in dog poop bags! Probably my favorite part of the whole night. HA!
  6. Lindsay hates Frank, and from the photo, I think the feeling is mutual.

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