let me brainwash you.

Surround yourself with people that will brainwash you into believing in yourself and that you can achieve anything you want….

We live in a world where we are lucky to have all of the choices we do. It can be overwhelming to know that the world is your oyster but if you really let it sink in, you can do literally anything that you want to do with your life and nobody can stop you.

Some people choose to become a doctor and help the sick, some people choose law as their background to help people in need. Some people don’t choose their career at all, they end up with something falling into their lap that they never knew existed and it changes the course of their life forever.

I am one of those people.

What do I do for work, you ask? Let me try to explain it simply.

Almost 5 years ago I was introduced to a lifestyle that was totally different than the one I was currently living. It involved the use of nature to help heal our bodies and our minds. At first I thought it was just some sort of fad, something that was just cool and eventually nobody would talk about it again. What I didn’t know is that people had been living this lifestyle for decades, actually for centuries. It was just so totally different from the way I was raised and taught, that I had no idea it was even out there as a possibility.

At first I was fascinated with essential oils. Highly concentrated plant matter that can help our bodies in so many ways. But what I didn’t know was that these little bottles of awesomesauce were actually opening the door for knowledge that I had no idea I was about to smash into.

Knowledge about the FDA. Knowledge about what kind of stuff is actually in our foods and the products we use on our skin and in our bodies every single day. Knowledge about sickness and in the interim; health. Did you know that stress in your life can actually cause physical pain? Did you know that some products on the market in America today have chemicals in them that are banned in other countries? If you are anything like me, A regular old person raised in America in the last few decades, you probably believe what is being blasted on television and in the news. I’m going to guess that you don’t often question the things that your doctor tells you or the products or medicine your doctor recommends to you? What I didn’t know previously but I do know now is that we have a choice. Each of us has a choice about what we use in our homes, what we put into our bodies and how we choose to dictate our health.

In the last five years I have made so many changes in the foods I eat and the products I use to clean my home, or to fight illness. I’m conscious about what goes on my skin, because after all, it’s my biggest organ and I really don’t want anything to happen to it.

So getting back to my job… All of this awesome knowledge has brought me to where I am today. I use this information and I continue to do research and help others understand it a little bit better. I don’t force it down anybody’s throat, but for the people who are willing and have a desire to learn more, those are my people. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a health coach nor am I a crazy health nut. But what I am is a regular old person just trying to get by by being as healthy as I possibly can, where I can and when I can. My favorite thing in the world is to help ease people into this same lifestyle. It’s not going to happen overnight because it surely didn’t for me, but if you have even an ounce of desire to live a little healthier, or to be a little happier, you are speaking my language.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, how the hell does anybody make a living like this? Well, I questioned that too. Here’s how. If you have a passion for the same type of thing, you can choose to do the same thing as me as either a hobby or something you do on the side or you can make it your career. You can learn the ins and outs of our company, Young Living, and you can figure out just how you can make a little or a a hell of a lot of money. It’s up to you what you want to do with it. When I first got started, after rejecting the idea of running it as a business for a very long time, I finally decided why the hell not? I’ll give it a go and even if I could make enough money to cover everything I was buying per month, that would be amazing. That’s where the whole “something falling in my lap” came from. I fell in love with almost every product, I fell in love with the idea of helping other people take their health into their own hands, I fell in love with research and education, and much to my surprise I realized that I can get paid really well for jumping in with 2 feet. So that’s what I did. And that’s what I still do. That’s what I’ll continue to do as far into the future as I can see. It’s not really a job to me, it’s more like a really awesome passion that keeps me on my toes and gets me out of bed every morning.

If we’re being totally honest, my career path is something I never saw possible. I was raised to go to school, get a degree, get a good paying “regular” job with benefits and live the rest of my life working for somebody else. I was never really around any other type of job, especially jobs that allowed you to travel or work from home or set your own hours. To me, that was just some far-off dream. That’s nothing I would ever do… That’s something that really smart people do. Something that really lucky people get to pursue. Not me.

Well let me tell you something. IT IS POSSIBLE. IT IS ATTAINABLE. IT IS DOABLE. For me, for you, for anybody that wants better for themselves. For anybody that has willpower, and drive, and passion. Even if those things are buried deep inside of you. Dig them out and see what can happen. I dare you.

Just recently I’ve had my career path or lifestyle blasted and questioned. It took me by surprise because I didn’t see it coming. I’ve always been a woman of my word. Anything that comes out of my mouth whether it’s in person or you’re reading it like you are now, it’s true. I’m not a liar, I don’t fabricate the truth. I don’t try to make things look better than they are for my benefit. I tell you as it is. Sometimes the truth will hurt but sometimes it seems too good to be what it is… The truth.

Here is the truth about my job. Written down for you to read, take it or leave it.

It’s risky. My income monthly is never the same as it was the month previous.

It’s rewarding. Knowing that what I do now to better my career, will pay off for me now and into the future. If that doesn’t make you work hard, I don’t know what will.

It’s cushy. I have a home office and that’s where I spend most of my days. I don’t have specific hours. I get to choose how and when I work.

It’s demanding. Often times I have to respond and communicate for work during times that are not convenient. Nights, weekends, when I’m out to dinner with friends, or when I want to be lazy and binge on Netflix.

It takes a lot of adulting. I have to file my own taxes, I have to track what I spend, I have to budget, I have to seek legal advice when necessary, I have to save for a rainy day, I have to invest smartly, and I have to pay for health insurance out of my own pocket.

It’s profitable. I live very comfortably, in fact more comfortably than I ever imagined possible.

I get to travel. For work, and for fun. It literally is what I used to dream about when I was younger. And now I get to live it.

It’s lonely. I don’t have the benefit of coworkers that I see or talk to every day. Sometimes I have to force myself to leave the house just to interact with other people.

It’s emotionally draining. I put my heart and soul into the people I work with. I want everybody to be successful and to be healthy. But sometimes the stars don’t align, and when they don’t, it hurts my heart. I can only do so much for somebody else, even if I want to give them the world.

It’s isolating. There are not many people that I can relate to when it comes to work. I’ve lost some friendships and some relationships because of miscommunication or lack of understanding. I’ve had people judge me, and I’ve had people put me down for what I’ve chosen to do for a living.

It’s inspiring. I get so much inspiration knowing that my future is up to me. I don’t think everybody has the same reaction to the unknown, but for me, I’m inspired when I think about all of the future possibilities that lie ahead of me.

It’s life-changing. I have met people that have no doubt changed my life. I have a read books that have simply changed my thoughts. I have learned life lessons, and theories that I would have never been introduced to had I not pursued this avenue.

So by now you’re probably seeing that there are so many positives to my job, but I hope you know that there are just as many difficulties. Social media has this way of being a one-sided highlight reel. Almost everyone posts the fun, the lighthearted, the positive things going on in their life. But don’t let that make you believe that their life doesn’t have struggle. We all have struggles. We all are forced to deal with sad or scary situations. No human is immune to those things. It’s just that most people don’t choose to share about them because it’s not really socially acceptable.

And here we are, at the end of this really gigantic bundle of paragraphs. I don’t really know what my point was today other than getting a couple of things off my mind.

The world isn’t filled with haters and toxic people. It’s filled with people who are hurting and trying, ineffectively, to give themselves relief. So distance yourself if you must, but try to do it with empathy, not judgment. Try to show these people more love than they showed you.

Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you might run out of time.

Surround yourself with people that will brainwash you into believing in yourself and that you can achieve anything you want.

A beautiful heart can bring more into your life than all of the money in the world could ever obtain.

It’s okay to want your own happiness. It’s okay to care about yourself the most. You are not obligated to sit there and smile and swallow every bit of shit everyone heaps on you. You are more than furniture, you’re more than window dressing, you’re not their shiny toy. You’re human and you have the right to say “that was shitty of you”. You have a right to protest your own mistreatment and set boundaries for respectful interactions. The rest of the world doesn’t realize you have this right and they will act offended and appalled when you exercise it, but it is yours.

Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you are meant to be. Stop playing small. You’re meant for greater things.



for an insight into Young Living’s career opportunity, feel free to reach out to me and to check out our statement on income: http://bit.ly/makingMONEYhoney


  1. Oh my gosh Andi, You don’t know how much I needed to hear this today….it really spoke to my soul ..
    Thank you so much for being so honest and raw! Mona G

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andi, Andi, Andi…..so very true..it sounds just like something I would write..I could see myself in every paragraph…seriously!! You should see that EVERYBODY reads this!!
    May I share it?? Love it! So glad I am in this walk with you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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