there’s no such thing as the right time.

I’ve had some crazy, life changing experiences + epiphanies in these first eleven days of this month + per the usual, I’m going to share them with you whether you want to hear them or not.

LIFE IS SHORT. Whatever you do, do NOT wait for the right time to do anything. The right time is a fictional thing – it doesn’t exist. The right time is NOW. Literally, right this second.

I quit my job almost THREE WHOLE YEARS ago to pursue a career in network marketing. Most people thought I was bat-shit crazy. IT WILL NEVER LAST. YOU GOT IN AT A GOOD TIME. YOU JUST GOT LUCKY. IT’S A FAD. Those are some actual quotes from people in my life. I was certainly going against the grain, but there was this deep feeling inside of me that trumped all the negativity being thrown my way (my doubtful, scared + unconfident thoughts, included). That feeling was fueled by reading a few books that opened my eyes (Start, Punch Fear in the Face, by Jon Acuff + Daring Greatly by Brené Brown. Get them. Read them, no matter what is going on in your life).

I have not for ONE SPLIT SECOND looked back on that life that I gave up to try something new. Has it been hard? It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done to date (with CrossFit coming in at second place). It’s a REAL struggle to do something with people whispering behind your back. It’s a LEGIT challenge to work for yourself – your success is LITERALLY in your hands. But do you want to know something awesome? That fact has been my FUEL. Only I oversee my happiness. My success. Paying my bills. Learning. Growing. Expanding. ME – I have learned to become reliable. I have learned self-confidence. I get to travel – I have the freedom to work from LITERALLY anywhere I want. I can take a week off to help a friend that needs me. I can buy a naked cat that I’ve wanted all my life. It’s not all sunshine + rainbows, it’s a WHOLE HELL of a lot of hard work. Dedication. Time-investments. Challenges. SO MANY FAILURES. I’ve learned that NOTHING comes easy, but when you do get what you want because you’ve MADE it happen, THAT is the best reward. Nothing feels better (except maybe the first sip of coffee in the morning. I also live for that.).

My job is a whole heck of a lot more than just ‘network marketing’ that it lists on my income statement. My job is to introduce people to a lifestyle that not only benefits your health, but it also benefits your bank account. My job includes building friendships. My job includes investing in PEOPLE. Their health, their happiness, their challenges, their hardships. My job is to NEVER stop learning. I will never pretend to know it all, about essential oils, or health, or wellness, or social media, or dieting, or cats. LOL. I don’t know it all and I NEVER want to know everything. How boring would that be? I am learning as I go, and I’ve learned so much over the last 4 years I could probably write a book and sell it to 4 people (my mom would be one of them, duh).

My job has changed my life, and the future is something I look forward to so much so that it’s almost debilitating. I almost can’t live fully in the present because I am so excited for what the future holds. A future that has more people than ever that are taking their HEALTH into their own hands. Learning + teaching themselves about what exactly they’re putting into their body through their food, cosmetic + home product choices. I have already had friends with you-almost-wouldn’t-believe-it changes in their lives from exactly that. Friends that have gotten pregnant after trying for YEARS. Friends with children that no longer suffer daily from illness or sleeping issues. Friends that have lost weight + gained a new-found sense of purpose in life. SO MUCH MORE.

My reflection today comes because I often wonder how the heck this path landed in my lap. I think back to my life just 5 years ago + it was so different you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you. It has brought me some of the most valuable friendships + relationships I could ever wish to have. It’s introduced me to people that have affected my life forever. It’s given me courage, confidence, knowledge + best of all, the ability to HELP others realize the SAME POTENTIAL WE ALL HAVE.

Here is how this happened: I took a chance. I tried something new. I was curious, and I ran with that curiosity. When things got tough, I never quit. When I got discouraged, I fought through it. When I fail, I get back up + try again. When I don’t meet my goals, I set new ones + try again.

Do not for one second think twice about something you’ve been interested in. Just do it. Want to travel to Italy to eat real tiramisu? BOOK THE TRIP. Want to learn to knit? YOUTUBE THAT SHIT. Want to compliment that stranger in the coffee shop for holding the door for that old guy? DO IT. You never know what is going to come from the choices you make RIGHT NOW. So why are you waiting? It may very well change the course of your life.

And because I want to punch fear in the face before 2018 hits, I am going to be talking about my job in more detail in early November, online, in my Facebook group. If you are an oil user but want to know more about how to share it with others + pay for things like your lunch, or your mortgage, or your trip to Italy, let me know. I want to help you learn. If you’ve never touched oils in your life and think they’re a hoax, let me know that too. I can help you open your mind to the possibilities of how oils are the gateway to a way healthier, less toxic, super enriched life.

Trust me, health is the new black.

Peek at my company’s income disclosure statement to learn a little more about the potential. I hit the rank of Platinum this year, just under 4 years from the time I first started using our products + learning about the business opportunity Network Marketing gives:

also: look at how cute my dog is.


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