her name is lola james.

ride or die. true companion. always faithful. selfless.

the bond I have with this mug is unlike any other. she’s ten today + I’m both thankful + scared shitless. ten years have flown by since I took her in knowing nothing about love or responsibility. she’s taught me so much without ever saying a word.

they say dogs are man’s best friend but I call bullshit. best friend isn’t a strong enough term for what they give us.

happy 10th, Lo.


ten years old.

loves orange peppers.

eats cat poop. prefers it fresh.

growls at little dogs.

grazes on grass like her mama was a cow.

snores loud enough to wake me up.

rolls in the grass daily.

steals everyone’s heart.


we took a nice long walk this morning so she could do what she loves – eat grass + poop. she got a doggy ice cream cone + then we went home so she could chew on her new bone the size of her freaking torso. go big or go home!

of course we had a mini photoshoot, too.





  1. Love love love. Dogs are just a special blessing. They love you unconditionally, they are always happy to see you, they snuggle, they can tell when something is wrong, they can tell if you’re sad, they will partake when you’re happy. They are the best form of ride or die possible.
    *suggestion: get a print of her nose! I’ll have to explain why later but a dog’s nose is just like a finger print or the iris of an eye. (I’m sure you know this) But there will come a time when that print can translate into ink 😉 HBD pooch!

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