a friend asked me recently what types of tips + tricks I had up my sleeve that help me grow. grow my business. grow relationships. grow as a human. I loved this question so much that I knew I had to turn it into a blog. perhaps it can help more than just the sweet friend that originally inquired…so here goes!

I could sit + talk about motivation + inspiration for days, but if I had to whittle it all down into ONE POINT, it would be this: we should NEVER stop learning.

I was introduced to so-called self-help literature through friends that ran network marketing businesses of their own right alongside me, and it at first was hard to stomach. self-help is like, THE UGLIEST, most judged genre of books – lots of people hear that descriptive term and immediately a wall goes up. GROSS. annoying. nope, don’t need that in my life. I was one of those people. I never really had any reason to be such a hater, but a hater I was. I thought that self-help was only for people who could stomach a fake, optimism drenched plea to “never give up” and “always do your best”. I didn’t have time for that non-sense, which is hilariously ironic now that I MAKE time to not only read that shit, but write blogs about how it’s changed my life. ha. I love me some good old-fashioned irony.

I think the first book that really roped me in was something by Jon Acuff. his truth-telling way to share real life tips, mixed with his sense of humor totally hooked me. I think I managed to read ALL of his books within the year or so of first being introduced to him, and I’m still as big of a fan of his as I was on day one.

at some point, about 7ish years ago, I downloaded my free 30-days of Audible. the audio book app that literally READS the books to you. the first book I downloaded, for free, was The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. the book, and the whole experience of listening, was so profound to me, that I can literally recall where I was when I was overcome with a sense of extreme gratitude and excitement for what this might mean for my future. oh, you want to know where? I was at the Apple Valley LA Fitness (workin on my fitness….please tell me you read that like Fergie was singing it, ’cause that is 100% how I intended it to be read), on the treadmill, watching some bullshit reality TV show but actually being audibly taught about the Law of Attraction. I will never forget it, because I was on the chapter where they spoke about visualization. I haven’t been the same since. visualization has become an even BIGGER part of my life now….but let’s continue.


this is my biggest tip for ANY human on earth, that wants growth. in ANY area of their life.

why? because books and podcasts are literal, actual wealths of knowledge from other humans that have been through the so-called trenches we’re trying so desperately to claw our way out of.

need help understanding how network marketing works? there are books and podcasts all about it.

need help figuring out how to find, and go after your life calling? books, and podcasts, ABOUT THIS EXACT THING.

want to understand more about relationships, and how best to nourish the ones you have? you guessed it! BOOKS AND PODCASTS are out there, waiting for you to dive into them.

you see, self-education is NEVER something to scoff at. it’s never something to turn your nose up to. we as humans have an unlimited capacity for learning and knowledge. there is literally NO CAP to what our brains can hold. want to learn a new language? YOU CAN. want to start a side-hustle? YOU CAN. want to learn how to cross stitch? YOU CAN. if you’ve ever thought differently – thought that you didn’t have what it takes to learn a new skill, or learn that thing you’ve been wanting to know more about forever – FIRST OF ALL, you’re human. we’ve all felt that way at some point, but let me be the first to tell you (gosh, I hope not, and I most certainly hope I’m not the last) that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT OR DESIRE. you just need to freaking start. stop letting your dumb excuses get in the way. literally – no apology for that aggression. they ARE dumb excuses and you need to shut them the hell up. they’re only holding you back.

now I’m going to recommend some of MY personal fave books + podcasts. I will link them, so if you find one (or more) that tickle your fancy, you can click + buy. how’s that for freaking awesome? gosh I just love the internet.

here we go! (in no particular order)


the power of now. by eckhart tolle.

literally anything by deepak chopra, but two of my faves are: creating affluence + the seven spiritual laws of success.

unf*ck yourself. by gary john bishop.

you are a badass. by jen sincero.

think and grow rich. by napoleon hill. (this one is OLDDDDD)

the four agreements. by don miguel ruiz.

everything is figureoutable. by marie forleo.

the book of joy. by the great dalai lama and the fantastic desmond tutu.

the code of the extraordinary mind. vision lakhiani. he’s freaking AWESOME btw.

the path made clear. by oprah.

big magic. elizabeth gilbert.

literally anything by simon sinek. I have a major crush on this dude. start with why is one of my game-changers.

take control of your life. mel robbins.

you can heal your life. louise hay.

the energy bus. jon gordon


the quote of the day. sean croxton.

expanded. lacy phillips.

aubrey marcus podcast. definitely give him a follow on instagram!

mindvalley podcast. vishen lakhiani.


• Gaia. It’s like a netflix for science/spirituality/growth + learning.

• Follow only the people + pages of people that INSPIRE you on social media. Do you find yourself feeling upset, angry, argumentative, or worrisome after reading someone’s posts? UNFOLLOWWWWWW THEMMMMMMMM. it’s literally that simple.

• ya’ll – it’s time for you to say goodbye to that friendship, or that relationship that doesn’t do anything but drain you. your energy is worth so much more.

• ask for help. NO SHAME in that game, friend. if you see someone that’s doing what you want to do, or how your want to do it – TELL THEM. and ask. what’s their advice. what can they offer you? you can AND should always take the opportunity to let someone know how inspiring they are to you. it gives you the BEST feels to compliment someone for genuinely being a light in your life.

• always remain open. let your mind be open to other opinions, possibilities, opportunities, suggestions, and ideas. if you find yourself combatting something, or feeling uneasy about what someone just suggested – take a second to really understand WHY you feel that way. can you learn something from this? congratulations, you’ve just grown.


welp. I think that’s enough suggestions for now, what do you say? this should keep you busy for like, a year!

I certainly hope that you find something in my personal list of faves that inspire + motivate you! whatever it is you’re pursuing – a business, a relationship, or any other awesome adventure – these books are NOT specific to anything other than beautiful, authentic, and incredible human growth in ANY + ALL areas of life.

love ya’ll,




  1. This is my most favoritest post ever. I’m a secret believer now for almost a decade now! I agree with many of your suggestions however there are some titles listed I have not read yet!

    Thank you for sharing! I look forward to expanding the collection.



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