alright friends, here is a photo line-up of all the amazing new things that rolled out this week into the ALREADY amazing lineup of plant-based, toxin-free, safe-as-heck, no-fake-crap stuff we ALREADY offer.

if you’ve got questions about ANY of these things – or want to know how to order, please comment below or reach out to me however is most convenient for you. I want to help make it as easy as possible for you to get them in your hands!

xoxo, Andi


———- check out each product below! ———-

up there ^ you will see our BRAND SPANKING new Thieves toothpaste with WHITENING POWER. the way in which it whitens is actually more powerful than the leading brand after rigorous testing! how freaking cool is that? with rounded silica particles used for cleaning and polishing WITHOUT being abrasive and scratching your teeth – and hydroxyapatite that matches your teeth’s enamel hardness that helps in the stain removing and polishing! You’ll be SUPER happy to know that it’s free from fluoride, peroxide, gluten, GMOs, SLS, paraben, phthalate and synthetic free! Feel good brushing your teeth, and know that your kiddo’s and WHOLE family are using something GOOD for you!


down below you will see one of our FAN FAVORITE blends, Peace & Calming, now sold in a super-convenient roll on! HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THIS? if you’re not already using this oil topically, or in your diffuser, you literally need to start now. it’s a game changer for kids, babies and ADULTS alike to calm down and relax. The scent is something out of this world – if it didn’t work SO WELL at relaxing me, I would use it for my perfume. THAT is how much I love it!

alright, this is a SUPER FUN ONE. you’re likely already aware at how freaking amazing olive oil is for a really healthy body, right? well what if you were given a supplement that included ALL of the benefits of olive oil in one measly little capsule? yeah that’s right. ONE CAPSULE includes a freaking TON of potent antioxidants (ONE LITER) that promotes internal cleansing, and supports not only a healthy immune system, but also a healthy heart and TOTAL BODY WELLNESS. This is PERFECT if you try and stick to a Mediterranean Diet, which is incredible for hearth health!


for the LADIESSSSSSS. a new dual lash brush, like all the other YL makeup brushes, are made from a small town in Italy, hand crafted by an age-old family that has created the BEST paint and makeup brushes ever – this brush includes one side that is perfect for drawing in eyeliner, lips OR eyebrows, and the other side is a clean rounded brush for parting lashes, or brushing out unruly eyebrows! KINDA AWESOME if you ask me!

OK, I am a certified supplement LOVER that is equally obsessed with being on my computer, iPhone and laptop like WAY TOO FREAKING MUCH, so this one is a must have for me. In a really nerdy-sciencey way, this supplement helps support and mend eyes that take in blue light from screen time. Take my word for this one – pretty much all of us can benefit from this little capsule. I can’t wait to start using it and see how it improves my eyeballs and vision! It also has both vitamin A and C included, which benefits our skin – BONUS!


CALLING ALL MAKEUP LOVERS! some brand spanking new colors, both matte and classy shimmer, in THREE NEW PALLET color combos that each include a tiny brush, perfect for on-the-go. I am so pumped to give these a try!! LOVING the color shades so much!

ok, I’ll never turn down a new diffuser – especially when it’s as cute as this one! Made for kiddos, but TOTALLY cool for adults to rock too! How stinking cute is this little Owl? His name is Feather 🙂 on top of having HIGH/LOW/INTERMITTENT settings and colored LED lighting, this guy also has WHITE NOISE built in! I AM OBSESSED! Want to know another really cool part of this diffuser purchase? Part of the cost of it goes back to the Tracy Aviary Foundation – a group whose mission is to help birds through education and conservation all around the world! you know I love me some ANIMAL SAVING. how flipping AMAZING!?


alright friends, let’s talk deodorant for a hot second. these two new formulation and scents (all NATURALLY with oils, might I add) is BETTER THAN EVER. It contains ingredients that help it glide on smooth and nourish your sensitive skin (mango seed and coco seed butters). As always, it’s plant based and it’s even vegan friendly. It’s ingredients (baking soda) work to actually combat the odor forming bacteria in your skin and sweat, in the safest way possible! There are TWO new scents – Citraguard – smells citrusy + lemongrassy! and Cinnafresh, which has a more cinnamon smell.

Davana is brand new – and it’s described as smelling warm, sweet and fruity, promoting feelings of calm and balance. Its scent is comparable to palo santo with a bit of fruit. YUM. 😍 The scent is cool because it’s considered ADAPTIVE – meaning, it’s going to smell a little different on each person – based on your own body and skin! It’s from the daisy family distilled from any above ground part of the plant! It’s native to Southern India, used in balance, grounding – things like yoga and meditation. It’s fantastic to use for skin glow, to combat blemishes, and especially for calming your mind and body!


Chivalry – a freaking PHENOMENAL new blend that is ONLY being sold for a limited time. This was originally launched in 2003, and they stopped making it. It has a TON OF BLENDS so it’s packed full of amazing oils – the whole point of this is to remember to be chivalrous in your daily life – help others even if they can’t help you, and it will ALWAYS come back tenfold!

this 25th anniversary blend has SO many fantastic oils included – and is ONLY available for a limited time as Young Living’s 25th year anniversary oil! GET IT NOW! it’s going to sell out in a hot second, this I promise you!

LAST, but certainly not least – we now have CBD, which is backed by the power of our Seed to Seal promise to you, and comes combined with our amazing essential oils. Read all about that here.

As always let me know if you have questions about ordering. If you haven’t already opened your own Young Living account so you can reap the benefits of 24% off of everything you ever order, you need to get on that immediately if not sooner.

to order, go here: if you’re ordering for the first time, be sure to link to my account, by referencing my number, which is 1491431.

happy week, my loves 🖤✨

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