have you ever been so scared, your fear literally debilitates you? it causes actual pain in your body, or your brain just shuts down?

I have. If we’re being honest here, it happens to me more often than I want to admit.

my guess is you’ve, at some point in your life, learned about maslow’s hiearchy of needs we as humans have. at the VERY base, we all need food, water, sleep, shelter. think about what happens when our bodies are in ACTUAL need of these things?

when we need food, we get hungry.
when we need water, we get thirsty.
when we need sleep, we get tired.
when we need shelter, we get cold, or scared, or feel uneasy – right?

so wouldn’t you agree it’s safe to say that our bodies (and minds) will send out a so-called smoke signal when something else is missing on our lives?

in comes fear.

when fear debilitates you, it’s your body’s way of bitch slapping you. it’s your brain’s way of saying “WAKE UP. something’s not right. something is off, and you must fix it sooner rather than later or I am going to fuck with you SO much more than you can imagine”.

sometimes fear manifests itself in weird ways. perhaps you just cannot concentrate for the life of you. maybe you’re on edge, crabby, cranky and ZERO fun to be around. for me, my fear either gives me crippling anxiety, the kind of anxiousness that makes me think the craziest thoughts, or it physically makes me puke. if you are, or have been feeling a sense of fear – first off all – bless your heart for admitting it, because we all know ignorance is seemingly bliss, but take some time now to get to the bottom of where that fear sits. what are you most afraid of in life? getting a speeding ticket to blemish your perfect record, or being fired from your job for being late twice this week are not exactly the things you should be focused on. go much much deeper than that. when you think of something that takes your breath away or brings tears to your eyes, that’s the fear I’m talking about.

once you’ve faced that demon head on, you are that much closer to taming him.

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