y’all. May is my favorite month. no reason other than it reminds me of flowers, sunshine, a cool yet warm breeze, green grass, buds on the trees, and FRESH NEW LIFE. if you couldn’t tell, I LOVE SPRING.

this month Young Living is offering some pretty special oils for free when your order qualifies. take a peek at this pretty little picture + the descriptions below for more details on each of these items!

you get the biggest bang for your buck when your order reaches the desired PV amount on Essential Rewards. if you’re not already signed up for that, you should seriously consider it. it’s the best money savings around!


blue cypress is a great option to throw into your respiratory care arsenal. you are NEVER wrong to throw some in your skin care or lotions, because it supports beautiful health skin that’s full of moisture. add a drop or two to your homemade insect repellent too – the wood this oil is distilled from is known to repel critters, Australians born it for that very reason!

geranium is great to add into your moisturizer for radiant skin and can also help with removing chlorine from the body. ladies… your hormones will THANK YOU when you use this! apply around the ankles for happy hormones. diffuse this oil to help release negative emotions (you see this single oil in many of our feeling kit blends), it is mood boosting, and fosters peace + hope!

patchouli is another fabulous oil for your skin, add a drop of to your YL moisturizer at night and watch it do its magic with those fine lines. ever suffer from feelings of jealousy? obsessions? insecurities? you might need some Patchouli friend. it allows for these feelings to dissipate while promoting clarity in the mind. GIMME!

lavender • did you know that Lavender is an adaptogen? yup, that’s right. it helps your body adapt to its surroundings by increasing the body’s ability to fight off stress and promoting physiological function. yet another one great for your skin! refreshing, calming, and gentle for the babies and kids! wonderful mixed with fresh aloe on skin after a long day out in the sun!

thieves toothpaste is infused with clove, , ocotea, cinnamon bark, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils! it contains no fluoride, sulfates, synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives. SCORE! my fave usage tip? add a drop of orange vitality essential oil for whitening and brightening!

charcoal bar soap • charcoal is known for detoxification and that is why it is such a powerful ingredient in this soap. our skin is exposed to environmental pollution as well as any harsh chemicals that we put in or on our body, so this soap is going to help detox your skin to the MAX all while being gentle + leaving your skin silky smooth! love the scent, too! SUPER RAD TIP: cut your bar into four squares to have some in multiple places – upstairs shower, downstairs bathroom, etc! it’s one of my favorite hacks!

…..and for anyone that REALLY super loves their skin + invests in washing, toning + moisturizing it with only the best stuff – you’re in luck! for the next THREE DAYS ONLY (May 1-3), you can score 10% off of the ART skin care trio!



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