y’all just ever have really hard days? no reason for ‘em, just days where you don’t feel like talking to anyone. you definitely don’t feel like leaving the house. you don’t even feel like thinking. your home is a mess, laundry remains undone. you just wanna be. just veg out, waste your time on trash tv + pinning pinterest recipes you’ll never make?

I cannot be the only human that has these moments of weakness. I mean, if I am, that’s cool. I’ll just go confidently in my awkwardness here on social media.

yesterday was one of those days for me. no real reason for it. I can’t really pinpoint much of anything that makes my introvert flag fly high. It just happens.

I used to get SO MAD at myself for days like this. I felt like a failure. like wtf am I thinking to waste a precious day on myself? who gave me the audacity to be so unproductive + lazy? well, the older I get the more I realize it’s the universes way of telling you that you need a breather. maybe you’re running too fast towards that goal, or you’re putting too much of yourself into others, or into what you think others want from you. it’s okay to stop + breathe. in fact, it’s fucking necessary. now I embrace those days, knowing full well it’s going to launch me into super productive + creative days ahead.

whatever season of life you are in right now – kids, no kids. office job or work-from-home. homeowner or home renter. building your business or riding the wave of years of hard work. it’s normal to unplug now + again. think of it as a recharge for your mind + body. take a few hours. take a day. take three days…I really truly believe that you’ll be better off after your recharge. ready to create again. ready to give more of yourself. ready to rock this thang we call life.

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