have you ever felt fear before?

if you’re an actual human, and not some freak of nature from pluto (which I’m not sure is even a planet anymore), my money is on the fact that you’ve felt fear more times than you can count. perhaps you even feel some fear right now as your weekend winds down + life resumes as the sun rises tomorrow.

it’s the most debilitating emotion that there is. when you’re able to wrap your brain around this – fear puts you on a frequency of attracting MORE fearful events and circumstances into your life – you will begin to understand how important it is to shift thoughts.

as adults/americans/humans, we are often in fear of being late, of losing our job, paying the bills, getting sick, and insert one bajillion other things here. GUESS WHAT? the fear of those things is actually summoning them to us.

whatever we focus on with feeling is bringing it to us. sounds kinda nutty but it’s true. when fearful thoughts come, tell them to shut the eff up + as quickly as you can, replace them with anything that makes you feel like sunshine.

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