crazy oil lady.

five years. sixty months. one thousand eight hundred + twenty five days.

that’s how long it’s been since I purchased my very first bottle of essential oil.

the one I was most excited about was peace + calming. I thought it would smell like baby powder. I’m clearly an idiot because I didn’t realize it’s 100% plant juice and that it’s impossible for it to smell like synthetic crap.

the oil that most surprised me was frankincense. I opened the bottle + almost gagged because I thought it smelled like soggy dirt. turns out it’s liquid gold and now I literally slather it all over my body daily.

I doused myself in stress away (WAY too much of it), proceeded to have a panic attack + tried to shower it off, but much to my dismay I smelled like lime + vanilla for at least forty eight hours. now I willingly marinate in it + showering it off seems blasphemous.

the oils have brought me health. they’ve helped save my sanity at times I legit thought I was going crazy. they’ve opened my eyes to a new way of life that I doubt I would have stumbled upon willingly without ‘em. they’ve helped my friends, and they’ve helped complete strangers. actually, one of the coolest things they’ve done is GAIN me friendships with those strangers + stronger bonds with those friends. weird that a liquid plant juice would be capable of such a thing, right?

I’m thankful for that starter kit I purchased five whole years ago, ‘cause without it, I wouldn’t be the crazy oil lady you know me as today.

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