Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy. January 3rd, 2017.

The weather was much warmer than we expected, for being on the coast. Dinner the first night was meh, not TERRIBLE but nothing to write home about, which is disappointing because we’re in ITALY. Food is amazing here…

We woke up to a somewhat gloomy day, with rain threatening. We were able to walk to lunch, spend some time on the water, and then back to the hotel for some rest. Dinner the second night was much better, I had a ravioli with walnut sauce, and of course Tiramsu. I never knew how delicious that dessert was until I came here. FREAKING DELISH.

I am obsessed that Italy has succulents and cacti everywhere outside. It seems to be their decor of choice around here, and I am surprised they look so nice this time of year when the weather isn’t very warm! I saw the most GORGEOUS flowering Jade plant, it was bigger than any Jade I’ve ever seen in my life! I nabbed a few leaves off the inside of one of the stems so I could try and grow my very own Italian Jade….don’t tell anyone. That is probably highly illegal.

LOVED this city, and the people in it. Can’t wait to come back someday.


our balcony. too bad the view was terrible, right? hahahahaha.


I wish I had taken this photo with something as a size comparison, so you could see how big that Jade was!


We almost got drenched. The waves were SO strong here!


Pretty sure I could live RIGHT THERE. freaking adorable.


How CUUUUUUTE is the top right lock? I wish I could hear all about their engagement story, and find out what their life looks like now! So romantic.


I mean, really. Check out those sun rays.


Lastly, this lobby was just so cute, I HAD to stop and snap a pic. There have been quite a few of those “hold on! this would make an awesome photo” distractions.


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  1. I can’t wait for Cinque Terre! I mean, it’s at the very top of my bucket list! You will have to tell me where you stayed!


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