I always blank out a little when talking about what I do for a living. how do I fit my story in one sentence, without watching the eyes of another glaze over with confusion?

you see, I’ve never really felt like I fit into a box. I can’t simply say ‘I slang oils.’ or ‘I take photos of people.’ or ‘I sell random cool shit on etsy.’ because none of those things fully define me, or my passion for all that I do, have done, or will do in the future.

the truth is I follow my heart when most follow their head.

I wasn’t always like that. in fact, it’s not until recently that I felt comfortable even acknowledging that. I’ve always felt a little embarrassed to go against the grain. to not have a ‘defined’ career.

but the truth is that no career, business, or success of any kind of guaranteed. I’ve spent thousands of dollars going to school for one thing, hundreds of hours learning things without paying a dime (one reason I love the internet), and ended up finding that true happiness follows you like a bouncy little puppy when you say YES to the things that truly make your soul light up. it’s okay if those things have nothing in common. just SAY YES when your gut screams at you – it will launch you into your best life + that’s a promise.

young living has been my vehicle to finding this truth, and I’m just so freaking appreciative of running into some badass photographers on the internet some 8 years ago + saying HELL YES to a warm fuzzy feeling in my belly.

it hasn’t always been rainbows + butterflies, like with anything, I’ve made mistakes, messed up, and failed. but each of those missed paths have always lead to the most incredible lessons in perseverance + authenticity.

I’ve been kinda quiet with teaching lately – but I’m so freaking inspired + excited to have been given a breath of fresh air when it comes to WHAT to share with the world…

…I’m helping teach the most KICKASS online class about emotions, intuition + oils this week, so if you want a peek into it, just say the word + I’ll get you invited.

in other, exciting news. got myself a magical custom piece of skin art by the insanely talented Lindsee Boyer this week. the story behind it is my fave – traded her my vintage tv cat bed for it, and hot damn was that the coolest barter ever? I’m so grateful for the ability to swap art for art.

come hang on Tuesday Feb 2nd, at 8pm central as we talk about how oils can REALLY benefit us emotionally. a little science, and a WHOLE lotta fun!

date: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

time: 8pm central


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