seventeen to eighteen.

(this was written on December 28, 2017)

thursday night holy-shit-where-did-2017-go ramblings from my bed….er…I mean, my home office. yeah, that sounds cooler.

for real, what happened to the last year of life? you hear “gone in the blink of an eye”, but it doesn’t hit you until you’re 32, sitting in your bed at six o’clock on a thursday night, choosing to work + relax instead of meeting the girls for cocktails + boy scouting.

this year was something else. chock full of emotions. from drinking bottles of red wine in Italy with my best friend, heartbreak over the loss of what I blindly thought was a great relationship (a heartbreak which turned out to be the BEST thing that happened to me, ever), crying tears of joy + dancing all alone in my kitchen at 10pm for reaching the rank of platinum with my team, tears of confusing sadness/overwhelming joy of selling my townhouse + buying a beautiful new home in a new city, endless hours of gut wrenching laughter with my very best friends on the planet whether we’re playing bingo at the legion, snap chatting ridiculous videos to each other, or on the phone at 1am googling cow buttholes.

my take on all of this? life is fucking short. cliché or not, it’s the truth. we cannot wait until the perfect time to do anything we want to do. buy those shoes. take that vacation. tell your friends you appreciate their unwavering friendship. buy that naked cat you’ve always wanted. donate that twenty bucks to that cause that tugged at your heartstrings. it’s just money, you can make more.

I am not much of a resolutions kinda gal. honestly, I think it’s dumb to promise yourself a new beginning when the new year begins. instead, I’m vowing to spend my whole 2018 doing things the old me wouldn’t have done. sometimes, that means saying YES but sometimes it means saying NO, too. I’m going to teach myself as much as I can this year. I’m going to put less pressure on where my life is headed + more focus on what’s happening in the moment. I’m going to just five, four, three, two, one EVERYTHING I possibly can.

bergamot + peace and calming in my pretty new diffuser, season eight of shameless queued up, photoshop running ready for me to finish that big project + water instead of wine because I AM going to the gym in the morning.

cheers to the best year yet, friends!

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