love me some love oils.

alright, well it’s finally February + that has me all excited. I LOVE this month. it means that spring is literally just around the corner, playing peek-a-boo with us Minnesotans…showing up one day in the form of sweet sweet sunshine, and then hiding again for a few days, just to pop back out with birds chirping + the snow melting.

also, there’s love. I LOVE love. I am SO NOT a girly-girl, but I love an excuse to wear pink lipstick + to paint my nails a bright shade of the obnoxious girl color. by the time March rolls around, I’m sick of it, but I enjoy it while it lasts!


I wanted to share a few of my FAVORITE love oils. oils that can either benefit you in the LOVE category (let your mind wander), and also just some oils that are pretty + pink.

let’s start, shall we?

first up….patchouli + inner child.


patchouli has a stigma….most people relate this oil to pot smokin’ hippies. luckily for me, I was born in the 80s so I don’t relate it much to that at all…instead, this oil to me is MAGICAL. I use it in skin care, I diffuse it OFTEN. I even use it in my perfume roll ons. I literally LOVE the smell, and when you mix it with something citrus (try tangerine!), it’s addicting. not like pot addicting, but….better. ha.

inner child is a blend, meaning it contains a FEW oils – including, orange, tangerine, ylang ylang, royal Hawaiian sandalwood, jasmine, lemongrass, spruce, bitter orange + neroli. heaven in a tiny little bright pink bottle. this one is often in my diffuser to cheer me up + I love using it directly on my wrists + neck as an afternoon pick me up!


ylang ylang is so so so so amazing. it can for sure boost your libido, ladies so NOTE THAT (and add orange, too!). it’s GREAT in your skin care products + it smells fab in the diffuser with orange + black spruce! TRY IT!

neroli is literally the love of my life. it’s distilled from the orange tree blossoms, which makes it smell as close to unicorn kisses as humanly possible. another oil that is SUPER great for your skin, and totally can help to boost your mood.

clary sage is 100% necessary if you are a female. it can keep your ass calm when you feel like high-fiving everyone on the face…with a chair. if you catch my drift. to me, it smells like yummy tea leaves, super earthy + soft. this one goes into my skin care, diffuser + all over my body, really. I am totally in love.


joy is a blend, again – meaning it has more than ONE oil in it – those oils are: bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, lemon, coriander, mandarin, jasmine, Roman chamomile,  palmarosa + rose. did you just pee a little at all those amazing oils? I might have. literally everyone on planet earth needs a bottle of this stuff. it flips my mood from CRABBY to HAPPY in literally one drop. I love mixing it with Stress Away, but I often diffuse it alone, too. get this stuff if you haven’t tried it yet.

last, but certainly not least….actually, probably FIRST UP on my list of faves is…FRANK. my main man. this oil does everything. from skin, to mood boosting, to rejuvenating, to calming, to humbling, to healing…..everything. use it. own extra bottles, because when you run out you WILL cry. you’ll UGLY cry…and nobody wants to see that. I’m not kidding, please don’t do that.

alright, that’s it. my LOVE DAY faves.



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  1. love these photos! I crave Frank – I start every day with two drops under my tongue and will add it to my ice water sometimes! So yum!

    I also agree with Joy! Such an amazing blend to help with having an overall good mood! I like blending it with Citrus Fresh!! Going to try your suggestions for Patchouli- one that I’m trying to get to love


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