meant to be.

Here is a list of things that make me thing Italy is my spirit country.


  • Cappuccinos are available DAY + NIGHT.
  • Wine is always available. It’s weird to NOT DRINK IT. What?!?! Yes, please.
  • Succulents everywhere. Literally, it’s like their decor of choice.
  • Tiramisu. NEED I SAY MORE?
  • Little pink houses on the hillside.
  • Pasta. Bread. More pasta. More bread. Should I go on?
  • I literally don’t think I’ve seen one unattractive person.
  • Everyone has been so nice, and helpful. We don’t feel like we’re a bother.
  • Sparkling water. It’s a norm here. I freaking LOVE IT.
  • History. Art. Beauty. Inspiration. Love. Passion.


….and I will leave you with a few photos of some of my favorite parts so far.


Holy cacti, Batman.

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