Andi lives in Bloomington with her crazy zoo consisting of Sam the 84 pound old man Boxer she rescued in December 2018, Frankincense (frank for short) the naked chicken cat, and India the low key regular cat. She’s obsessed with oils, plants, home decor, vintage books, coffee, fonts, and napping.

Her passion for living as much of a healthy lifestyle as she can is clearly a driving force in her life. She tries to do the best she can for her body, mind, soul, and the planet, while still enjoying things like oatmeal cream pies, IPAS, late nights of Netflix binging and sleeping in on weekdays when it feels so scandalous.

Her goal in life is to inspire others to live their best lives, all while learning to DEEPLY love themselves.

follow her on IG and Facebook to see her shenanigans.


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